Facebook has already renamed WhatsApp and brings news in the web version

by Kelvin
Web Name News from Facebook Whatsapp

Facebook has already renamed WhatsApp and brings news in the web version 4

When you bought WhatsApp, Facebook He promised that he would let this service continue its course without interfering with him. The truth is that this scenario happened in the early days, but now, more and more by the hand of the social network.

In most cases, the presence of Facebook WhatsApp is discreet. It is limited to replicating features of other services and integrating them. However, social networks want a stronger presence and have already begun. The first step comes with the name change.


Facebook began to rename WhatsApp

Although it belongs to Facebook, your presence on WhatsApp is not mentioned openly. These are only small details and integrations that actually go unnoticed. There is no associated image line and even the capabilities between the different services differ.

It is well known that the social network wants to have a greater presence by marking the property and placing its brand on WhatsApp. The form you found for this will change the name. This will be very discreet, but it will mainly have the word Facebook I presented.

Facebook has already renamed WhatsApp and brings news in the web version 5

Current version of WhatsApp

Facebook has already renamed WhatsApp and brings news in the web version 6

WhatsApp Beta

Apparently, this step has already happened in the latest beta version of the Android application. Here we have already found the term Facebook Whatsapp in the configuration zone, which shows that this step is being taken. It should soon appear in more places and with greater visibility.

What's new for WhatsApp Web

By bringing the mark of Facebook At the service, he also created other news, this time in the web version, so we also have news in the browser, which many already use in mobile applications. It is the conversion of functions and how to guarantee an experience between users.

Web Name News from Facebook Whatsapp

Ready to be released are apparently 2 news. The first, the Albums, is the same as we already have in the smartphone. When multiple images or videos are shared, they will appear grouped and expandable in a gallery. This takes up less space on the screen.

In the second case, we also have a known novelty of mobile applications. It focuses on stickers (Grouped stickers) and ensures that every time you send 2 or more of these stickers, they appear on the same line as the chat window. Again, everything is dedicated to saving screen space.

Web Name News from Facebook Whatsapp

Although it has already been detected, there is no date for its availability. The service is performed slowly to ensure that it is perfectly developed and tested. Therefore, and without fail, it will be extended to other users.

Having seen the expanded WhatsApp security this week, now is the time to receive more news. The name change is already a reality and the improvements in the different versions are coming gradually.

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