Facebook has heard your Messenger audios to test your AI

by Kelvin
Facebook ha escuchado tus audios de Messenger para probar su IA

Facebook It is framed as the social network par excellence. Mark Zuckerberg's company many years ago that stopped being used for a single reason to end up becoming a authentic conglomerate of which other apps are part such as WhatsApp e Instagram. However, no matter how much progress at the business level, Facebook A problem that has not been solved is always involved: lack of privacy

Integration with Instagram and WhatsApp, the design change, the news with the notifications … There are many updates that have been carried out Facebook Over the years, but from the Zuckerberg company they always sin in the same: privacy. There are already many occasions when Facebook It has been involved in a host of scandals related to the safety of the users that make up the great social network. Well, it seems that it will not be the last time this happens. Now everything seems to indicate that the The app itself has listened to and transcribed the audios that its users have sent.


Facebook again threatens the privacy of its users

The large social network returns to interfere in another case related to the lack of security and privacy. On this occasion we are not talking about any type of failure, but about an act premeditated by the company itself. Since Facebook They have been listening and transcribing the voice notes sent by their users to test their new Artificial Intelligence system. At least they have confirmed this from the company itself, calling this system a truly innovative mechanism.

Facebook He wanted to see how far his new Artificial Intelligence system can go and has not thought of a better point to prove it than with the audios of its users. If you have sent a voice note for Facebook Messenger, the application has listened to your audio and transcribed it instantly. At least they were doing it until just over a week ago with the purpose to check if this new system worked correctly.

Facebook has heard your Messenger audios to test your AI 1

From the company they assure that this procedure is not based on the collection of data to improve the publicity of the users, but in a simple system of improvement of their Artificial Intelligence. In addition, the Zuckerberg company ensures that these actions are only carried out when the profiles themselves give their consent for the app access the mobile microphone. An excuse of the most absurd, since without this access we could not send any type of voice memo. The attack on user privacy has reached levels that are already Artificial Intelligence itself that selects the best ads to integrate into your timeline.

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