Facebook I also had employees listening to conversations from Messenger users

by Kelvin
Facebook  Messenger listens to conversation users

Facebook I also had employees listening to conversations from Messenger users 2

Today, privacy is something that seems to have disappeared. By using any Internet service, we are exposed and all our information is used, often without knowing it.

The latter case has shown that large companies use user conversations to power their systems. This is done transparently and without any moral problems. The last company to admit this practice was Facebook. The company confirmed that it had employees who listened to the conversations of Messenger users.


Recent cases of Apple, Google and even Microsoft are well known. These companies use the voice recordings of virtual assistant users to power their artificial intelligence systems. As far as is known, everything was done without the knowledge or consent of the users.

Employees of Facebook they heard messenger conversations

Of course, other companies are also suspected of doing so by accessing user voice records. The last to be made public was Facebook. The largest social network on the Internet has now confirmed that this was also a common practice in its messenger service, Messenger.

The reason for these transcripts.

In the case of Messenger, what was done was the transcription of the audio conversations. This was a service performed by employees outside the company to validate that AI correctly interpreted the available information. The audio files were passed anonymized, although users could not be identified.

Facebook He informed that this information came only from users who agreed with this action and who, however, stopped. This type of user data collection is no longer performed. The final came about 1 week ago and was the result of problems with other companies.

Facebook  Messenger listens to conversation users

Moral and ethical problem of listening to user conversations.

In this case, the problem seems to be in the transparency with which this action was taken. Employees received the data without knowing what they would be used for or where they came from. However, this led many to consider this action unethical. The conversations were apparently normal and without any relevant information for Facebook.

In addition, this possibility is not clear in the rules of use of Messenger. At no time is it indicated that humans can listen to conversations. As in the previous cases, the ethical issue is present. Questions are raised about the legality of these actions.

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