Facebook is experimenting with an AI that helps you choose clothes

by Kelvin
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Through his official blog, Facebook tohe announced that he is working on a new Artificial Intelligence experiment designed to help users choose what clothes to wear, under the name of Fashion ++ AI.

This AI was endowed with thousands of pre-selected images by humans of "stylish people", and after training, is able to suggest small tweaks which can improve as we see ourselves, indicating that we add, remove or modify our clothing. It is even able to make suggestions about folding or not the sleeves, accommodate or not the jacket, and more.


According Facebook, the utility is distinguished from other similar experiments by the latter: It does not usually suggest a complete change or that we are going to buy new clothes, but rather points to touch-ups about what we already have.

How does this AI work?

As he explained Facebook In its blog, without going into technical details, the AI ​​detects what clothes we have on, and by using a neural network render several images with some possible changes. Then, these images are analyzed with a "Style meter" which analyzes to see what changes will best suit the user.

For now, it's just an internal experiment of Facebook, Y probably never see the light, since in the end it is suggested that the idea was to motivate other AI companies, implying that it is not a product oriented to be used publicly.

What do you think about this experiment of Facebook? Would you trust the company to know your clothes and add more information about what clothes you wear?

Source: ai.facebook.com

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