Facebook is storing all the data of your Android mobile

by Kelvin
Facebook también quiere acabar con el contador de "Me gusta"

Facebook It shows the world as one of the most downloaded applications today. Many are the smartphone manufacturers that include this social network as one of the apps preinstalled on their new terminals, and the millions of users of this tool confirm the success of a company that grows with each passing day. Mark Zuckerberg has created a conglomerate that goes far beyond a single application. The integration of companies like WhatsApp e Instagram They have further elevated the position of one of the most powerful companies in the market.

However, there has always been a lock that allows users to continually distrust Facebook: Privacy. The large social network has never sinned as a tool that completely secures user data. We have already seen it in previous articles, but now it seems that Jane Manchun Wong has discovered a new flaw based on the total data collection of Android terminals. We tell you all the details.


Facebook collects metadata from system libraries

The integration of advertising in Instagram, the possible name change, the new cryptocurrency … Facebook It is so large that it is almost always topical. Although most of the occasions are due to news that is not very beneficial for the company. This time she was the researcher Jane Manchung Wong the one in charge of filtering some codes with which it is demonstrated that the app of Facebook I would be collecting all the data from Android mobiles. It is a series of codes that would confirm that the application could access the smartphones for create a global library collector (GLC) in order to collect all phone metadata.

It is a new attempt against the privacy of users already accustomed to this type of thing happening to them. Although this time it would not be as personal data as photographs or contacts but the collection of the system storage itself. That is to say, Facebook It would be able to compress Android data and send it to a server of the company itself. We talk about a functionality impossible to deactivate with which Facebook it would be nourishing data continuously.

At the moment, it is unknown what is the use that Facebook Give this information. Confirmations from the app have not officially arrived, but what is clear is that the Zuckerberg company has once again attempted against user privacy. In addition, it is a periodic process, since Manchun Wong has confirmed that, in his case, a total of 2,233 libraries in a non-consensual way.

Source | Jane Manchun Wong

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