Facebook Pay will be the name of WhatsApp payments

by Kelvin

One of the most important changes with the arrival of mobile phones is our relationship with money. If a few years ago we had cash and credit card, the smartphone has opened the door to new alternatives.

On the one hand there are the payments via NFC, which allows us to carry the debit or credit card in the mobile or watch, adding a second layer of security to the traditional cards. On the other hand, sending money between accounts almost immediately.


The sending of money between individuals has been led by Paypal for years, but little by little alternatives have been arriving. In Spain, one of the best implemented is Bizum, a service that is available in most Spanish banks. And it seems that Bizum will soon have a new rival.

Facebook Pay would be the payment method for WhatsApp users

Although Bizum has had a great impact on payments between individuals, today few applications in our country have the popularity of WhatsApp, so any service they decide to integrate has a great potential to be relevant for the future.

A few hours ago we talked about one of the novelties of the latest beta version of WhatsApp, where we could hide the states of people we had silenced. That version hid something else, as it has revealed WABetaInfo.

Within the application there are references to a new payment system called Facebook Pay, name that would be used by all applications of Facebook For sending money. The first references to this system already appear in the messaging application, next to a menu to add our first payment method.

We do not know when it will end up implementing this system, since the fact that it appears in the application does not imply that the launch is close. The question is Would you trust Facebook for sending your money?

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