Facebook prepare an extension of Instagram to face Snapchat

by Kelvin
Facebook prepare an extension of Instagram to face Snapchat

The domain you have Facebook As a social media company and instant messaging is almost obscene. The purchase of Instagram and WhatsApp made Mark Zuckerberg's company one of the most data of its users, and it is billions.

But in the company they know they can't let the competition breathe, and Snapchat continues as an alternative to the applications of Facebook and it can boast that its users spend more time in its service than those of the competition.


Because Facebook is developing a new application called Threads, an app that works connected to Instagram and with which we will share data automatically with a nearby circle.

Designed for the closest friends

Once Instagram It has positioned itself as a global tool and nothing personal, in which we follow companies and celebrities, Facebook wants to have an alternative to WhatsApp for users who are in Instagram, before they go to Snapchat.

In the new app, Threads, he will share automatically our location, the speed at which we move or the remaining battery of our mobile. Along with this, we can share text messages, photos and videos using the tools of Instagram.

A by Snapchat with automatic updates

Facebook prepare an extension of Instagram to face Snapchat 2

Part of the grace of the new app is that it allows automatic updates based on our mobile sensors, although of course we can update our status manually.

From this new app we can see the stories and publications in Instagram of our friends since as we say this app is designed to be used as an extension of the photography application. In fact, we could say that Threads is an extension of the Close Friends of Instagram, which is currently a group.

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