Facebook want to monitor your WhatsApp chats

by Kelvin
Facebook want to monitor your WhatsApp chats

When talking about WhatsApp we always highlight that it is the most used message app in the world. A quality that makes it the favorite target of some governments, which seek to detect possible threats. Mark Zuckerberg He knows very well. So much that I would be working on An algorithm to read all WhatsApp chats.

The information was published by the magazine Forbes, specialized in business and finance. With such an endorsement, it is unlikely that this is false news. Really Facebook seeks to monitor the 800 million users WhatsApp has The excuse? Be able to monitor that nobody breaks the company's policies.


According to the publication, end-to-end encryption of the application will continue to be present. But nevertheless, the algorithm would avoid this privacy rule to send the content of your WhatsApp chats to a server to be analyzed and filtered. Yes, they would also moderate your conversations.

It is still unknown when Facebook will implement this controversial surveillance system in WhatsApp. Consulted by Forbes, the technology company chose not to make any kind of statement about it.

The monitoring was seen coming

whatsapp chats

Last May, the company had reported that she was working on a tool that would help her eliminate FakeNews (False News) of your social networks, Facebook, Instagram and whatsapp. This is due to the scandal that was involved during the last presidential elections in the United States. The tool is question will allow you to read WhatsApp chats.

When finished, the algorithm will be included in a WhatsApp update. This means that it will be inside the mobile device, so you could also access more personal information of the user. Of course, Facebook You will know the content of your conversations. You will also see the photos and videos you send.

As we mentioned, this tool will send your messages to a server before the recipient can read it. When they are in “the cloud” your privacy dies. Even though Facebook swear that no one will know the content of your intimate WhatsApp chats, the company is not very reliable to say.

With this measure, the fear that many had when Facebook He had informed that he would migrate WhatsApp to his servers. Those who feared for their privacy knew how to see the future that Zuckerberg was holding.

More WhatsApp news

whatsapp chats

While we cross our fingers so that the Zuckerberg project never takes shape. There are other news about WhatsApp that are worth mentioning, as changes are expected by many of its users. These are still in the beta (test) stage, but could come in one of the next service updates.

The most recent is the chance to have the same WhastApp account on different devices. With this functionality you can read and send messages from any mobile phone. There are not many details of this new technology, and it may just come to light in 2021. Well, everything indicates that the plan is still on the board.

The change that we will see soon is the so-called “dark mode” of the messenger, which will allow you to read your WhastApp chats at night, taking care of the health of your vision.

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