Facebook will change the name to WhatsApp and Instagram


Instagram and WhatsApp is probably the most popular application of Facebook. Other than that, nothing has really been graced by the many scandals that social media or its parent companies have had in the past year. Therefore, they remain in the market and continue to grow in number of users, even the messaging application reaches the cell phone with KaiOS.

It seems that social media is trying to improve its image in several ways. So one of the ideas in this case is to rename the app in this case. Since then many Instagram because WhatsApp may have a new name In no time, as you already know.


Facebook trying to attract the attention of the company. Also, they try to remember that they are behind this application. Therefore, we are trying to introduce new ones. names like «WhatsApp from Facebook"OR"Instagram of the Facebook»». These names will be seen in the app store, such as the Play Store. Also in the application we can find instructions about it.

It seems There are sources that have confirmed that this information is real.. Although the two affected applications have reacted with surprise and confusion at this new decision. Therefore, we do not know if this name change will actually end or not. But that is something that has caused some controversy.

Definitely it's a clear move for Facebook. Social media tries to remind users that they are the people behind such apps. Instagram and WhatsApp for all users. Although this is not a negative thing, on paper, it can have the opposite effect to what the company is looking for.

So far there is no date for this introduction. denominational change in Instagram and whatsapp. According to the information, everything was ready, so in a few weeks it had to happen now. Although we hope to get confirmation in the next few hours, to know what we can expect.

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