Facebook work on a news app like that Twitter

by Kelvin

Facebook prepare a new news application

Facebook is working on the development of an autonomous application to offer users the latest in relevant news. This was reported by the people of Business Insider last Tuesday. Apparently the application would have a style similar to that of Twitter, allowing short publications and notifications of 100 characters to users, with the latest and most important of the different current issues.

In Business Insider they reviewed a series of screenshots of a new product from Facebook and they talked to a source that has been closely linked to the platform Facebook for Business It is believed that this new application would be part of Facebook for Business, but with marked differences in the style of platform presented in 2014 with the name of Facebook at Work


Facebook work on a news app like that Twitter 4

The first tests of the new app of Facebook

The application from which the images were filtered would be currently in alpha phase so there is a while until we see it in action, but from the Business Insider report we can get to the idea that Facebook He is preparing to disembark in the world of news and current affairs shortly.

The new application would be part of the initiative Facebook for Business and would help to keep users informed instantly about the most important data of the hot topics on social networks.

Despite the Business Insider report, since Facebook they didn't want to make official comments about it, so it may still be a few months until Mark Zuckerberg's company reveals the true objectives of its application.

If it is as described in Business Insider, the new application of Facebook would be similar to Twitter. The users will download an independent application and will be able to choose different accounts that they will be able to follow, the updates of those accounts will be the ones that provide the information, being able to choose brands, websites and other companies.

Facebook work on a news app like that Twitter 5

The initiative would be an excellent advance of Facebook to approach users through quick and accurate information, so choosing a format with a limit of 100 characters, similar to 140 Twitter.

The proposal is designed so that the information arrives only once in the form of a notification, so that you are not always flooded with notifications for the same news. In this case, the root of the news is taken and the following updates of the same subject or derivatives from that source will not reach your mobile as a notification.

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