Facebook You can now 'read' the content of the messages in WhatsApp

by Kelvin
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WhatsApp launched the encrypted messages in 2016, years later that other instant messaging systems incorporated them, such as Telegram, which always used this feature to be safer and get users with respect to its rival.

The tool, which uses Artificial Intelligence, has already been successfully developed and tested.

The fact that the messages are encrypted point to point means that their content cannot be accessed in any way. A token (an encrypted key) is issued to the receiving terminal from the sending terminal and only with this can the message content be decrypted. Not even WhatsApp employees They could access their content.


This is a problem when it comes to fighting the communications carried out, for example, by terrorist organizations, since the content of messages cannot be controlled through encrypted instant messaging programs.

In Germany, for example, this has caused reactions from politicians such as the Minister of the Interior, Horst Seehofer, who has requested that a "back door" be created so that the content of the messages can be accessed if necessary for reasons of security.

This argument has been exploited by Facebook to create a tool that allows you to access the content of the messages of your instant messaging application. The functionality uses Artificial Intelligence and, unable to intercept the encrypted messages that are sent, what it does is introduce a modification in the device itself to access the content of the message.

The tool, already developed, is in the testing phase, so at the moment it is not being used to access the content of the messages that are sent through the instant messaging application.

Facebook ensures that WhatsApp message scanning would occur to avoid sending content that contravenes the usage policies of your applications, but only in that case. For example, if a message was sent via WhatsApp to someone exalting terrorism, it is possible that that message was intercepted and deleted if the Artificial Intelligence system was active.

In these cases, their employment seems justified. What gives to think is that if you can scan the messages with that developed technology … why not use it to know the content of them and offer advertising more adjusted to the interests of the users? It could come in the future, it is not crazy

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