Facebook You have listened to all the Messenger audio In the last years

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Facebook You have listened to all the Messenger audio In the last years 1

Facebook continues to be involved in issues related to user privacy. There have been many scandals that starred in Mark Zuckerberg's service and now we know that he has heard all the audio he has sent. Facebook Messenger to your friends, family or contacts. It turns out that social media listened to and copied audio messages What we send

Facebook It has completely invaded the privacy of users who still depend on social networks. If you use regularly Facebook Messenger Now we know that Zuckeberg has recognized him I have listened and copied audio that you have sent to all your contacts. Why Verify that the Artificial Intelligence used can be transcribed correctly and without errors. Once again To teach their AI, they spy on you.

Facebook I have heard you

As we know so far, Facebook Make sure that last week you stopped listening to it and argued that it only did so in cases where the user had given their consent for the app to access the smartphone's microphone. As usual We give permission to various applications. If it makes sense, ask us. And in this case, to send audio you need to give permission to the microphone of the cell phone or you cannot record it. So if you have sent audio, Facebook He had listened to it and copied it and it was very possible that he not only used it to practice his Artificial Intelligence but also Precisely in advertising.

Mark Zuckeberg said last month that his company did not spy on users to improve advertising, but now confirms it. He has listened to you for four years. According to a Bloomberg report, Facebook You have paid many companies to copy the messages sent by users and will invest a lot of money to listen to you and access these voice messages. But in addition to that, he has shared it with other companies and your information, which you think is personal, has passed through more hands than you imagined while recording the audio.

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We will see if this practice, which began in 2015, ends with other sanctions for Facebook by jeopardize user privacys. Although it makes sure that it no longer listens to you, you must decide if you want to continue betting on applications that continue to be involved in controversies or bet with others. However, always check the permissions you grant to any app you install or use.

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