Faded, the tweak that adds a fusion effect to the iOS 8 Music app

by Kelvin
Faded, the tweak that adds a fusion effect to the iOS 8 Music app 1

End abrupt pauses when listening to songs with the iPhone Music app, with the Faded tweak

It is available at Cydia on Faded tweak for jailbroken devices which adds a fusion effect to the songs that are being heard through the music application that comes natively with iOS 8. The objective of this tweak is to end the abrupt pauses that we can notice when we pause a track , when it changes from one song to another or when we start listening to a new one, on the iPhone.

Faded, the tweak that adds a fusion effect to the iOS 8 Music app 2

Faded tweak adds a very subtle and pleasant effect to the iPhone Music app with iOS 8

Once the Faded tweak is installed on your iPhone with Jailbreak, it starts working immediately. Unfortunately, this tweak, Faded, does not have options or settings that can be configured through the Device Settings, it does not even have a switch through which you can enable or disable this tweak, so either we have it activated or not . This will make If we do not want to continue using Faded, we will have to uninstall it through Cydia.


It's important to put attention on Faded only works with the native music app that comes with iOS 8, so the effect of this will not work with applications such as Spotify, Rdio, Google Play Music or other popular music applications that are available through the App Store. For that reason, it is likely that it will not bring much value to you if you are not an avid music listener application.

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The effect of the Faded tweak is quite subtle, so this can be noticed much more if a comparison of the iOS Music application is made with and without it installed. Of course, it is not the kind of tweak that takes great advantage or that transforms the experience when listening to music on the iPhone, however, for music lovers it sure provides an experience good enough to have it installed .

Download Faded for iPhone with Jailbreak

If you are interested in installing this tweak, you can download Faded through Cydia in the BigBoss repository for free. It is important to keep in mind that in order to download the installation packages of this tweak it is necessary to have an Internet connection, in addition a device with Jailbreak is required, if you have not already done so and you are interested we recommend you take a look at our guides to do the iPhone and iPad Jailbreak from Mac computers and Windows. This tweak is compatible with devices with iOS 8 and later versions.

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