Fairphone 3 relieves the sustainable, ethical and more repairable smartphone

by Kelvin

Since they presented the original Fairphone back in 2013, the ethical initiative behind Mobile not only better, but also more durable and repairable, has maintained an approach committed to all stages of his life. This includes from the extraction of the minerals used to the acquisition of parts directly by the user.

Now, four years after we saw his second version, comes a Fairphone 3 which combines these principles with characteristics more adapted to the current era, while maintaining the design basis that characterizes them.


Fairphone 3, much more than specifications and price

Fairphone 3


The Fairphone 3 comes with a design reminiscent of the terminals of a couple of years ago, with consistent upper and lower margins. However, its features are updated to certain standards of 2019. Among them we find an elongated 5.65-inch LCD screen in 18: 9 format and FullHD + resolution, a modest but competent Snapdragon 632 processor and 4 and 64 GB memories with option to microSD card.

Its camera receives special attention, since it is one of the elements that users value most, with a 12 MP sensor and f / 1.8, which is 8 MP on the front. Your battery It is, contrary to the current trend, easily replaceable through its plastic and transparent back cover, whose capacity is 3,000 mAh and has a quick charge QuickCharge 3.0 from Qualcomm.

Finally, the new system has a 3.5 mm headphone jack, the latest USB C connection and charging standard, stereo speakers, a fingerprint sensor on the back and the latest Android version available ( 9 foot).

Extraction, manufacturing, reuse and repair

Fairphone working conditions


At the center of Fairphone's strategy is the manufacture of products that stand the test of time and that, ultimately, they need to be renewed less frequently and generating less waste. For them, they ensure that the entire production chain is up to par from a more ethical point of view.

This includes the own extraction of the minerals used, which is done according to the usual fair trade terms – in fact, they display their Fairtrade Gold label on their website. That is, working hours and conditions according to those we enjoy in the West, which are also applied in the assembly and manufacturing stage. In fact, the main suppliers are public, and investments are also made in the supervision of manufacturing lines.

Decent salaries in the assembly line: an extra cost of one and a half dollars per device that is paid directly to workers

In fact, Fairphone claims to have studied what the extra cost of providing these decent salaries to their employees that allow them to "make a living". This would be around $ 1.50 per device, and that is the amount that precisely says to pay in concept of bonus directly to these workers. The plant where they are assembled is located in Shouzou, east of China.

Fairphoe repair, ifixit


To achieve maximum reparability, Fairphone relies on the data from iFixit, which already gave the last edition the highest score for Fairphone 2, ten out of ten. And it is that it is easily about the only mobile in the world that includes a screwdriver to disassemble it, under the slogan "Yours to open, yours to keep" – yours to open it, yours to keep.

Fairphone 3: availability, spare parts and price

The Fairphone 3 will be available from mid-September at a lower price than the last generation, which stays this time in the 450 euros, although it can already be reserved. Unlike the rest of brands, it is sent to reduce waste generation, without any accessory, so if you need them you can add chargers and cables also "responsible" at a cost of about 20 euros.

Fairphone has a two-year warranty, in addition to support in five languages ​​and return policy – the usual withdrawal of purchase – of 14 days if we are not convinced of the product. In addition, Fairphone makes the following available to users spare parts –Among others–, in case any one gets damaged or stops working in the future:

  • Screen, for 89.95 euros
  • Camera, for 49.95 euros
  • Speaker, for 29.95 euros
  • Battery, for 29.95 euros
  • Rear cover, for 24.95 euros

But nevertheless, it's not an upgradeable phone in the sense that it was the late Google Project Ara. The parts of the Fairphone 3 cannot be updated, for example, if a couple of years pass and we look for a larger battery or a better camera, so they are there simply for durability purposes.

In any case, Fairphone cannot guarantee inexhaustible durability for its devices. Already in 2017 it was forced to withdraw both the software support and the production of spare parts for its smartphone original. In your favor you are now a larger community and greater reach – of the Fairphone 1 only 60,000 units were distributed – which can allow a more favorable economy of scale for the Dutch initiative.