fall of Facebook makes EU ask for competition and Russia defend sovereignty

by Kelvin
App do Facebook (Imagem: Thomas Sokolowski/Unsplash)

O Facebook and its apps were down this Monday (4), and this became a headache for many people. European Union and Russia already have their answers to the problem, and they are not exactly new. Margrethe Vestager, European commissioner for competition, again defended that the network should not depend on just a few companies. Russia once again stressed that the country needs to have its sovereignty over the web.

Vestager used the episode to promote the importance of the bloc’s Digital Markets Act (DMA or Digital Markets Act). In a draft last year, the text imposes a series of rules for companies like Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google, forcing them to change their business model to make room for more competition.

“We need alternatives and options for the technology market. We shouldn’t trust a few big players, whoever they are. This is the goal of DMA.”

Margrethe Vestager, European Commissioner for Competition, at Twitter

Russia, on the other hand, goes the other way: for the country, the alternative to big techs has to be national and sovereign. Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for the foreign ministry, said the fall “provides an answer to the need to have our own social networks and internet platforms.”


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