Fallout 4: Automatron DLC reviews


My experience is a predictable "start". While your character is level 15, the DLC quest will automatically open and you will receive a distress signal. I obediently ran and found the area, along with new quests to defeat the nearby robot threat. I popped up a few buffouts and set up my trusted Deliverer … just to find nothing. "Ah-ha – clever trick?" I wonder. Unfortunately, this is just a Fallout bug being played.


If you take anything out of this review, for Piper's sake, make a backup of the backup slot before downloading and activating the DLC. I was forced to spend an hour to upgrade my character from a pre-ending save. Not just the DLC bug, but so far the most unforgivable.

However, the ability I developed from Ada, the new regretting robot friend you know, to build and adjust my robot friends really helped to calm my anger.

The robot's workbench works like any other, but your robot has a variety of modulation grooves and cosmetic options. This means you can build a cute little friend from scratch, or turn Codsworth into a nightmare-killing machine with a good attitude.

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