Familiy Sharing, a new feature of iOS 8 for content sharing

by Kelvin
Familiy Sharing, a new feature of iOS 8 for content sharing 1

Apple presents the new feature for iOS 8 designed for the family, Family Sharing

During the keynote held at the opening of the World Developers Conference, Apple I present several new features of iOS 8, the new version of its mobile operating system for iPhone and iPad. Among these features comes a very interesting call Family sharing, which will allow users of a family to be better connected and simplifies the way they share among them. Learn more about this new feature, next to us, below.

Familiy Sharing, a new feature of iOS 8 for content sharing 2

What is Family Sharing?

Family sharing it is a new feature that you have introduced Apple In the new version of the mobile operating system for iPhone and iPad, iOS 8. This feature gives us the way to bring, in a way, harmony to the digital life of your family, this includes all kinds of multimedia content, photos, music , documents and even applications.


This new feature can be implemented between up to six people in your family with whom you can share all the purchases you make through iTunes, iBooks, and the App Store without the need to share all the same account. In addition, you can pay for your purchases with the same credit card and approve the expense, in the event that the purchase is made by a child, through the parent's device. Not only this, they can also easily share the photos, have a family calendar, and many other options that will help all members keep them connected.

After having made the configuration of the family sharing, with Family Sharing, all the family members that are connected will be able to automatically and immediately access the content of each one, that is, they will be able to watch the movies, television programs, Books and applications.

Familiy Sharing, a new feature of iOS 8 for content sharing 3

Main features of iOS 8 Family Sharing

This new and excellent function is equipped with interesting features that will make this one of the things that families like iOS 8 much more and the use of mobile devices Apple (iPhone, iPad). Among the most important features we can highlight:

  • Photos: Family Sharing will help to collect and share family photos easily. A feature that is configured completely automatically and that will allow us to share photos, videos and comments. Something that makes all devices up to date with the latest photos (holidays, birthdays, etc.) of all family members, without being close.
  • Calendars: This new option allows all devices that are configured under this option, Family Sharing, to use a shared calendar that is intended exclusively for the family. It also allows you to set reminders for all family members, which will appear on all devices at the exact time or place that has been previously set.
  • Search friends: Family Sharing automatically shares the location with family members and will also show where they are.

Familiy Sharing, a new feature of iOS 8 for content sharing 4

  • Search my Iphone: This interesting feature now allows all devices in the family to help search for lost devices, making it easier to find lost devices. Thanks to the Find my iPhone app, family members can use their iOS device to locate the lost device, even activate the location options that you have this application, such as making it play a sound, even if the device is in silence.
  • Parental controls: An option designed primarily for parents, which gives them greater control, while children feel they have more freedom. With Family Sharing all purchases can be linked to a single card for the whole family and, in addition, we can activate the option that allows «ask to buy» which allows children, when the device of these will make a purchase in iTunes, iBooks, or a purchase in the App Store, before finalizing it, ask the parents device. Even children under 13 can have their own ID of Apple so they can be part of this.

Familiy Sharing, a new feature of iOS 8 for content sharing 5

Definitely, Family sharing It is a complete and very interesting feature that is designed to unite families more through their iOS 8 compatible devices thanks to its organizational possibilities and share among all family members.

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