Family Amazon: Suggestions, Recommendations, Benefits and How to Use

by Kelvin
Family Amazon: Suggestions, Recommendations, Benefits and How to Use

Amazon Familia allows you to buy by age, receive discounts and offers on essentials (such as diapers) or finding the right toy for you according to the age of your son or daughter, stories adapted to different grades, or even clothes according to your size.

Amazon Family

What’s happened Amazon Family?

This is not a subscription type. Amazon Prime, but this service of recommendations and discounts designed for fathers and mothers. You can create a profile of a boy or girl by specifying gender and age, and the website will automatically send you product recommendations via email. Recommendations that may interest you, or the ability to access exclusive offers designed specifically for families buying from Amazon…


How much is it?

It doesn’t cost anything. You can register for free, although you will have to be a user Amazon Prime to enjoy various benefits and discounts. Amazon Prime price is 36 euros per year for an annual payment or 3.99 euros per month if you want to pay monthly.

In addition to the discounts that include Amazon Familia, it also allows you to access any of the usual Advantages Amazon Prime : fast and free shipping, Amazon Prime Music, Amazon Prime Video Series, days of exclusive customer deals, Amazon Photos with unlimited storage for all types and images, Prime Now with product delivery within two hours in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, etc.

Benefits of the program Amazon Family

This will allow you to receive advice and information on personalized products for your child based on their age or stage, whether they are a child or an older child.

  • Up to 20% discount for diapers, baby food, etc.
  • Save up to 10% on recurring shipments
  • Exclusive discounts for families
  • Amazon pantry
  • Popular items bought by other parents
  • Personal advice and exclusive offers
  • Age recommendations boy girl

Amazon  Familia Catálogo

Create profiles on Amazon Family

By creating profiles on Amazon Familia with your child’s details, you will receive a 5 € discount on goods for children that can be used when shopping on Amazon costing more than 20 euros in the sections “Children’s clothing”, “Toys”, “Children’s fashion”, “Children’s fashion” and “Children’s fashion”. While purchases are made from products sold and shipped Amazon…

  • Go to the website
  • Write the date of birth of the child or child
  • Click on Create
  • You will receive an email confirmation of subscription

Email Amazon Familia

Once you have a child profile created, in case you have more children, you will be able to create more profiles with a specific age, and the number of profiles created is unlimited.

  • Go to Amazon Family
  • Find the column on the left side of the invoice
  • Click on “My Child Profiles”
  • You will see the child’s name (if you have registered it), birthday and gender
  • Click “Add another child”
  • Enter name, birthday, boy / girl
  • Confirm in “Save changes”

Files in Amazon Familia

You can add as many as you like. This will not only be useful if the registered children are your children, but it can also be in the case of grandchildren or nephews Thanks to Amazon will give personalized age recommendations so that you always find the right item to buy or make your search easier.

15% discount on diapers

One of the main advantages Amazon Familia is that you have a 15% discount on a selection of diapers that you can buy through the online store if you are a user Amazon Prime. To do this, you will need to subscribe to the type of diaper that you usually use the brand you want:

  • Go to the section Subscribe and save
  • Look for the “child” section on the left side of the web
  • Sign in “Diaper Change” and “Diapers”
  • Choose the product that interests you the most
  • Open the product page and go to the right side
  • You will see that it says “One Purchase / Repeat Purchase”.
  • Click on “repeat purchases”
  • Select the quantity you need
  • Choose how often you want delivery
    • One month
    • Two months
    • Three months
    • Four months
    • Five months
  • Confirm with “Configure Now”

Pañales de oferta en Amazon Familia

The big advantage of the subscription and save service is that you can forget about buying diapers and they will automatically go home. You don’t have to shop at the last minute at any open gas station or supermarket because shipments are scheduled every month or every two months with the amount you normally use.

If you do not want a product, you can cancel it at any time:

  • Go to / Familia
  • Click on “My product subscriptions
  • You will see available subscriptions
  • Manage what you have or cancel if you don’t want to keep getting it

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