Famous Smart Watch Brand Fitbit Launched!

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Famous Smart Watch Brand Fitbit Launched!

Famous smart watch and smart wristband brand Fitbit was put up for sale.

A well-known and trusted name in the industry, Fitbit has been experiencing significant problems lately. Smart watch side of Samsung and Apple The company cannot compete with the technological developments, smart wristband On the other hand, it is difficult to compete with brands such as Xiaomi and Huawei in terms of price.

Famous Smart Watch Brand Fitbit Launched! 1

The company continues to increase its sales in some regions, globally When we look at the very good times. Smart Watch Side Approx 150 million dollar company, Samsung and Applecan not follow the developments. Competitors that stand out with ECG, fall detection, third-party applications, superior synchronicity with devices, we can say that Fitbit makes you sweat.

The latest developments of Fitbit management Qatalyst Partners is in talks with the investment company. The company that commissioned this company against possible acquisitions is waiting for its buyers at this point. According to reports again, the investment company to convince Google quite intense it works.

Recently taking quite intense steps on the side of the smart watch Google, with this purchase to the smart watch market active an actor can log in as. The brand, which is likely to succeed if a suitable platform is created, as in the case of Pixel models, has not made any disclosure at this time.

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