Fashion applications that will make your boredom disappear

by Kelvin
Fashion applications that will make your boredom disappear

Nowadays being bored is because you want to. We all have a smartphone in hand with which you can check anything in seconds. It is a small encyclopedia that we can have in the palm of the hand. Actually it is not like an encyclopedia, it is also a multimedia center, video console, etc … We have it constantly connected to the Internet, 24 hours a day.

Therefore, I bring you some applications, which are a bit of everything that will make your boredom disappear from a stroke. We must be aware that we have internet connection, either WiFi or mobile network (if you do not have a contract data rate, do not forget to perform mobile recharges).



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For games, there is a crowd. They go from the well-known Fortnite to the new Minecraft. However, many users do not have a phone capable of moving such games. I am aware of it. There are games like the typical Angry Birds that will make you entertain yourself for a very long time trying to take down green pigs. A whole classic.

We also have Fifa type games, which adapt very well to any device. We can play football matches wherever we are and making star signings in order to have the best team in the world.

The Pokémon Go is another one of those games that do not require excessive power to function. It is a game that works worldwide and that, depending on where we go, we can capture different types of Pokémon.

Apps for news

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Pocket is one of those highly recommended applications to be able to collect news of the day. It's been a while since Google News closed in Spain, a shame, but for that reason there were no longer programs that make use of the RSS of the news websites to collect them and be able to read them when we are without internet. Pocket is a fully recommended application if you are one of those who like to take the tablet to any place that does not have WiFi.


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Instagram, Twitter or Facebook They are other ways of spending time. Yes, it is true that you have to have an account in each one, but well, one can be there to spend time and gossip a bit in their applications, apart from being able to follow accounts that share interesting publications, that there are and many. Do not forget to follow them, since one can learn many things from the world thanks to them.

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