Fast Charge 5: Features of the World’s Fastest Mobile Phone Charger

by Kelvin
Fast Charge 5: Features of the World's Fastest Mobile Phone Charger

Fast charging is one of the elements that has advanced our smartphones the most. Despite the fact that the batteries did not manage to match the autonomy of the beginning of mobile telephony, the fast charging technology allows the time that the device, connected to the current, to recharge, to charge the battery, becomes less and less. And now it will be much less with phones that will integrate New Qualcomm Fast Charger 5.

Quick charge 5

This is a manufacturer’s battle. Qualcomm is one of the companies that offers the best support in this regard as it has integrated Quick Charge technology over the years that is compatible with its mobile processors. Now he has done the same with the new Quick Charge 5, which offers charging options never seen before, They also promise that the first phones that release it will appear in the same 2020.


Quick Charge 5, Extreme Charging Speed

According to Qualcomm in a press release, Quick Charge 5 is the fastest commercial charging technology for Android devices. It is the first fast charging platform to support over 100 inches of power, allowing a smartphone charge from 0 to 50% of your battery in just five minutes or 100% in just 15 minutes. It’s 70% more efficient than Quick Charge 4 and 10 times more power than the first version of Quick Charge.

Fast Charger Carga Rapa 5

Safety flag

Fast charging is constantly being tested by amateurs and detractors. The latter believe that this degrades battery life and is dangerous given its high voltage. To mitigate this “fear”, Qualcomm has provided Quick Charge 5 integration 12 separate protections for voltage, current and temperature including overvoltage protection on USB input at 25V and external power management over 30V.

QUICK quick charge 5

The company also clarified that it runs 10 degrees Celsius steeper than the previous standard. Besides, Battery Saver Technology and Intelligent Identification of Adapter Capabilities were included , which work together to maximize energy transmission efficiency, increased safety and help extend battery life.

When will we see this on mobile?

Qualcomm is also citing the first mobile phones to see these charging capabilities. Without offering specific details, he revealed that Quick Charge 5 is currently in the process of integrating with various brands and is expected to appear in first commercial mobile phones in Q3 2020 .This technology is compatible with Snapdragon 865 processors and the new Snapdragon 865 Plus as well as with the company’s future chips.

Source> Qualcomm