FBI wants to monitor Facebook and Instagram to find terrorists

by Kelvin

Network user data such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter may be even more exposed to third parties. That's because the FBI wants to monitor information published on these platforms to combat terrorist groups and threats to the United States.


According to Wall street journal, an FBI bid was published on July 8 and will close on August 27. The document points out that the winner will need to help the agency "proactively identify and reactively monitor threats to the United States."

“With the increased use of social networking by current FBI investigative subjects and individuals posing a threat to the United States, it is critical to obtain a service that enables the FBI to identify relevant information from the FBI. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and other social networking platforms in a timely manner, ”says the document.

“As a result, the FBI needs near real-time access to a full range of social media exchanges to get the most up-to-date information available for law enforcement and intelligence missions,” he continues.

The FBI wants access to data available to everyone, not private messages, for example. Still, this would include names, user IDs, and photos. The information would be combined with other sources to create profiles and track the activities of certain people.

In its bidding, the agency asks that the bids offer the possibility to “get the full social networking profile of people of interest and their affiliation with any organization or group”. The solution should also be able to monitor the activity of people in certain neighborhoods and to search for keywords related to potential illegal activities.

The tool may not leave traces to social networks or other federal agencies. In addition, the FBI notes that the bidding company must agree to keep the data obtained from the system under exclusive government ownership.

The FBI plan was not very well received by social networks. O Twitter told the WSJ prohibits the use of data “by any entity for surveillance purposes, or in any other way that would be inconsistent with the reasonable expectations of privacy from our users. ”

O Facebook, in turn, did not comment on the FBI's plans. THE CNNHowever, the company has forwarded its developer policies, which prohibit the use of user data to "provide tools that are used for surveillance."

A monitoring system by the FBI follows the opposite path taken by Congress and the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which have taken steps to try to ensure user privacy.

Remember that the Facebook was fined by the FTC $ 5 billion for the Cambridge Analytica case. In agreement with the commission, the company agreed to revise its systems to avoid further privacy issues and to perform more rigorous analysis of third party applications. The FBI system would prevent the social network from enforcing the deal.

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