Feature Expected to Come With iPhone 11

by Kelvin
Feature Expected to Come With iPhone 11

Apple new iPhone model by the time Turkey today, 20: 00 It will introduce. Introducing new models with hours left a final leak more appeared.

Providing smartphones to be a power bank with wireless support wireless reverse charger devices with wireless charging support. your phone allows you to charge. Devices that you can charge include smartphones, smart watch and wireless headset You can also charge wearable accessories such as.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo The last report published by vice versa pointing out. According to the new report, the wireless reverse charging technology expected to be available in the iPhone 11 series, this year too will not be included. This situation is sufficient failure to ensure efficiency Kuo, the company has canceled for similar reasons AirPower Wireless charging mat as an example.


Feature Expected to Come With iPhone 11 1

Wireless charging supported this year airpods of Then, there was an important expectation in consumers. Especially Samsung Galaxy S10 included with the wireless reverse charge and Galaxy Buds of wireless charging, Apple fans you would be a little upset We could imagine.

Still wanting to give some good news, the analyst said that the two iPhone models 18W charging adapter waiting to be found. Apple'S new iPhone model and we expect to introduce more activity, with Turkey time 20: 00 Will begin. To be informed of developments stay tuned.

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