Feature Update Windows Next 10 Promise Game Mode Improvements

by Kelvin
Feature Update Windows Next 10 Promise Game Mode Improvements

NESABAMEDIA.COM – Presence Windows 11 may be very horrendous among users Windows. But in fact, most users still use Windows 10. Fortunately, Microsoft is still working hard to make a version Windows it is more stable.

Windows 10 will still have the good old support, because Windows 11 doesn’t seem to be coming for all users. The latest news received by nesabamedia.com indicates that there is a possibility that there will be a feature update on the site Windows 10 which will fix certain issues related to Game Mode.

Game Mode in Windows 10 should be able to improve performance in the game. But now it seems that the opposite is happening. Recently, some users Windows 10 complained about their PC devices with very capable specifications, experiencing problems related to frame rate drops, crashes, and generally unstable performance for some games. This happened after the update Windows which effectively causes Game Mode to do the exact opposite of what it’s supposed to do.


Users with advanced and very powerful GPUs like the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 admit to having trouble getting stable frame rates, as they should be. Microsoft also rolled out a quick fix in this month’s Patch Tuesday update. Apparently, the update did fix the problem, but not to all users. Now Microsoft is again planning to do another fix to fix the problem forever.

Some users are still experiencing fluctuating frame rate drops. There are users who found a solution to the problem saying that to get around this, they changed the Power Plan setting to High Performance, even though this is not really the right solution for the problem.

Interestingly, that kind of problem doesn’t occur in Windows 11. Even some testers reported that the new operating system offers better performance with Game Mode. Of course this is subject to change, as the operating system is still in its very early stages.

Windows 10 seems to be really addressing those Game Mode issues in an upcoming feature update, namely 21H2. Hopefully this will provide a permanent fix for all users.