Feiyu Vimble 2 review: stabilizer for smartphones at a low cost


Camera stabilizers, which appeared on the market several years ago and became popular with DJI products, have become more democratic. FeiyuTech, one of the industry leaders, offers the stabilizer in its catalog. 3With very competitive prices. But is it really worth it? We have tested the device for the last few weeks, and here we tell you what we think.

Less than 100 euros

As always, we started with the price of the device, which in this case turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Unlike some models that easily exceed € 200 or € 300, Vimble 2 is available for € 89.99. The ideal price for those looking for products that are easy to use and transport to stabilize their videos. The available colors are four: black, pink, gray and white.

Stabilizers are popular today with the proliferation of vlogs on Facebook and YouTube. / © AndroidPIT

Feiyutech Vimble 2 – Design and finish.

If you like to record and make videos, you are probably already interested in the world of stabilizers. For those who still don't know what that is, it is just a stable mechanism, also called "dreadlocks suspension", which aims to smooth the movement and vibrations produced during filming.

Like most devices on the market, Vimble 2 has a classic design for this type of product. Made of composite materials, it has the specificity of offering up to 18 cm of reach. Compared to the first generation, this is the most important novelty. This way, it will be easier to shoot from above or from a wider angle.

Vimble 2 It has a very compact format. / © AndroidPIT

Feiyu also offers a tripod that can be mounted under the stabilizer and will support your videos. Something very useful if you want to make a live movie, for example. The tripod is included directly in the box. If you want to use another tripod, the change is very simple, because the screws used are standard.

AndroidPIT is vimble 2 gimble 7 A small tripod is included in the box. / @ AndroidPIT


On the handle are controls (the first button in the photo below) that move in all directions and allow smooth movement with the phone. Depending on the level of movement power, movement may or may not increase. Beneath is a power button, and then another button for taking photos or recording videos (press and hold). The LED above the motion control allows you to determine the mode you are in.

AndroidPIT is vimble 2 gimble 2 The stabilization has several buttons, but they cover the most important functions. / © AndroidPIT

On the front panel, you will find the shutter, which works in conjunction with the Vicool app on the smartphone: a short click to view the image, press and hold to view the video. The LEDs above the motion control indicate which mode is in and behind, next to the plug to recharge the unit, a small trigger has been placed to quickly switch from horizontal to vertical mode, recalibrate the gimbal or completely lock the unit so that it does not move . Finally, there is a microUSB connector on the side and buttons to zoom and adjust (white balance, different modes, etc.).

Finally, to fix your smartphone, just open the spring holder, put on the device and remove it. All smartphone sizes seem to fit, even the biggest ones, like OnePlus 7 Pro.

AndroidPIT is vimble 2 gimble 5 The triggers on the back are comfortable to use. / © AndroidPIT

Overall, Vimble 2 is a stabilizer that is fun to operate due to its weight (420 grams without cell phone) and its compact size.

Feiyutech Vimble 2 – Software

You don't need to use the manufacturer-developed VICOOL app to use Vimble 2, but it's convenient because it offers more cool features like people or object tracking. Communicate via Bluetooth with your smartphone, this application is compatible with Android and iOS.

There are also many options available to adjust the motor speed and achieve the best effect for the video. By default, I found the settings to be pretty good but good to have access to other options to adjust the camera and stabilizer.

vimble app 2 However, although the application is quite good, we are far from the possibilities that DJI offers in this field. / © AndroidPIT

Feiyutech Vimble 2 – Batteries

In theory, Feiyu promised autonomy 5 hours. Normal number in the category. In practice, promises are kept, unless the joystick is widely used or the smartphone is refilled using the gimbal's second microUSB port.

Charging is also done fairly quickly via the provided charging cable. Autonomy is around 2 hours. It is even possible to use the device while it is charging. Unfortunately, the battery cannot be removed.

AndroidPIT is vimble 2 gimble 3 The microUSB port is present on the handle to recharge the device. Another is available to recharge smartphones with dreadlocks. / © AndroidPIT

Final verdict

At a price of less than 100 euros, Feiyu Vimble 2 is an excellent stabilizer that allows you to enjoy the most important functions without damaging the bank. If you like to use your smartphone to make videos, this device will suit your needs.