Felipe Neto is summoned for calling Bolsonaro a ‘genocide’ in Twitter

by Kelvin
Felipe Neto is summoned for calling Bolsonaro a 'genocide' in Twitter

YouTuber Felipe Neto was summoned yesterday (15) by the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro to appear at the Police Station for the Repression of Computer Crimes, to testify in an investigation of an alleged “crime against national security”. YouTuber used your account on Twitter to display the subpoena, and claim that the complaint occurred because he called President Jair Bolsonaro (non-party) a “genocide” in a tweet.

Through a press release, the Civil Police stated that Felipe was summoned after Councilor Carlos Bolsonaro (Republicanos – RJ), son of the President of the Republic, filed a petition denouncing the alleged crime against national security. The councilor had already announced on social networks, last week, that he had opened a crime-news against youtuber.

Felipe Neto, who has 41.5 million followers on YouTube and 13.1 million in the Twitter, tweeted: “A police car has just come to my house. They brought a subpoena for me to appear and answer for “CRIME AGAINST NATIONAL SECURITY” because I called Jair Bolsonaro a genocide. Carlos Bolsonaro was the same police officer who indicted me for ‘corruption of minors’. Yes, that’s right.”


Hashtag #BolsonaroGenocide

Felipe Neto received support from politicians after publicizing the subpoena, and the hashtag “#BolsonaroGenocida” reached the top of the list of most talked about issues at the time in the Twitter. YouTuber stated that the attribution of the term “genocide” to the President was due to his clear absence of public health policy during the pandemic that contributed to thousands of Brazilian deaths.

Stressing that political criticism can never be censored, Felipe Neto declared that the complaint is a clear attempt at silence, and made another tweet in which he reminds councilor Carlos Bolsonaro that the “STJ has already filed a criminal case against national security for criticism of the President, when they tried to silence by force [o advogado] Marcelo Feller”.

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