Our country is filled with local festivities throughout the length and breadth of our geography. They say a squirrel could jump from orchestra to a village orchestra, from north to south, without stepping on the ground. And just yesterday he kicked off one of the most important summer fairs in our country, the Malaga Fair. This year takes place between August 15 and 24, ten days full of musical activities and, of course, a lot of alcohol.


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Our mobile, in these dates of Malaga's holiday, can become our best ally, and that is, at least, we have found two applications with which we can be informed of everything that is cooked in this Andalusian fair. Both applications, of course, they are free and you can install and test them today. However, first we have done it and we tell you what you can find in them.

Applications of the Malaga Fair that you cannot miss

Malaga Fair 2019

The poster of the 2019 Malaga Fair welcomes us as soon as we open this application in which, to find all the available information, we will have to click on the hamburger menu We found in the upper right. Here we will access a complete plan of the fairgrounds (to zoom in on the image we will have to first press on it with a simple touch) with information on bathrooms, for disabled people and baby changing rooms, different types of booths and youth area and attractions. In the section ‘Center’ we will find all the program of the fair, detailed, by location and day of celebration. In ‘Real de la Feria’ we will find the program of activities within the Real and, finally, everything related to its bullfighting program.

malaga fair 2019 app

Download | Malaga Fair 2019 (9.2 MB)

Malaga in Fair

An application developed by COPE Málaga in which we will be able to be aware of everything there has been and to be at the Malaga Fair. On the cover we can see the different sections that the application deals with. These are:

  • Day fair. Section divided, in turn, by ‘booths’, ‘meteorology’ and ‘Activities’. Everything about the fair in that space of time in which the sun shines.
  • Night fair. The most rogue side of the Malaga Fair.

malaga at fair

  • The other fair. In this section, those looking for something more alternative to the booths, the Cartojal and the bulla may have it. All the programming of the city in terms of exhibitions and other similar activities at the Picasso Foundation or the Pompidou Center.
  • Bullfighting fair, ordered by days.
  • Transport. How to get to the Fair from the place where you are.
  • Play and share You can edit your photos of the fair by adding typical objects from it, such as a Cordovan or Verdiales hat, a rose, a fan, a cola bottle or a beer bottle. Then you can share your photo with your friends on social networks or messaging services like WhatsApp.

With these two applications of the Malaga Fair You already have, on your mobile, everything you need to enjoy everything that one of the most popular festivities in our country offers you. Enjoy if it is the case!

Download | Malaga in Fair (7.8 MB)

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