FIFA 20 analysis: features, price and opinion

by Kelvin

As usual every year, the beginning of autumn marks the arrival of one of the most popular soccer games. The most recent edition, FIFA 20, is loaded with adjustments to the gameplay, a new modality that reminds us of FIFA Street and several aggregates that the community has asked for in recent years, especially in Career mode.

It is common that sports games with annual deliveries do not enjoy the same reputation as other genres. The typical phrase "they only update the templates and they charge you the full price" is something we constantly hear when they refer to franchises like FIFA or NBA 2K.


The truth is these games are made for the fan hardcore lifelong It pays attention to every detail of the gameplay. Three or four changes in control, physics or speed can be essential to offer a different gaming experience to the previous year, and that is one of the most striking things about this new installment.

The most obvious feature of the new FIFA 20 it is without a doubt Volta, what are you looking for recreate the experience of street football with matches ranging from 3 vs 3 to a Futsal of 5 vs 5 players with the classic rules. This modality it's not a FIFA Street per se, since it takes the best of normal gameplay – adding dribbling and fantasy passes – and mixing it with some elements that we see in Ultimate Team, such as chemistry or customization options.

Volta arrives at replace Alex Hunter story mode, although that does not mean that we got rid of EA’s attempt to boost a narrative. This modality has a plot in which we travel around the world competing with teams from other countries that are commanded by real-world stars in street football, while we can face against other people in a multiplayer with the same rules.

He Volta story mode is necessary to unlock the rest of the events on the map, which will allow us play against higher level teams and recruit players. The latter is an important feature that is only activated by beating a team and allows us to improve the quality of our alignment.

FIFA 20 analysis: features, price and opinion 7

Electronic Arts bets on customization in FIFA 20, and it is appreciated. One of the reasons why The journey it happened without sorrow or glory is because few felt identified with Alex Hunter and his group of friends. Volta solves this allowing each player to edit of your team as you wish, from the physical part to the clothing.

It is possible that this new feature becomes the favorite of those looking to get away from the traditional FIFA or Ultimate Team experience. Though it doesn't feel as "arcade" as it once was FIFA Street, player progression and customization options would be enough to keep us stuck for a long time.

It all has to do with the rhythm

FIFA 20 analysis: features, price and opinion 8

Volta is not the only reason why we should give opportunity to FIFA 20. Developers have made substantial adjustments to the gameplay, which now proposes much more realistic parties. The speed has been reduced, allowing to create more opportunities to attack or succeed in 1 vs 1.

Artificial intelligence keeps distance better and reacts to every situation. In one on one there is a renewed side dribble that with him timing proper can leave the defense behind. The phrase "players behave like their real counterpart" makes sense in FIFA 20, especially if you have Salah or another player who takes advantage of his speed. A kickback can end you if you surrender quickly or apply a total pressure.

FIFA 20 analysis: features, price and opinion 9

Developers they have achieved by default something that previously required adjustments in the sliders and the game options. The defense has also been improved to better cut the lines and block the shots. To that is added the possibility of enduring the opponent with a much more agile (folded) placement to anticipate the movements and steal the ball.

The free throws have also changed, now you can use a tactical option to hit the ball and add effect using the analog lever. This will require practice in mini-games to be able to take advantage of it, as well as penalties, which now allow you to change the trajectory of shooting at mid-career.

A more robust and customized career mode

FIFA 20 analysis: features, price and opinion 10

For the first time in many years, EA has turned to see who play FIFA alone. The Career mode has been renewed with several aggregates, among which the possibility of editing our coach and choosing the sex stands out. FIFA 20 allows to create a female DT and customize it in a similar way to when we create a player.

The general structure of this modality remains similar to FIFA 19, although the press conferences that can influence morale of the team or of a particular player, depending on your answers. The developers wanted to give more weight to the manager, who can also respond to requests from the team and not simply heed a cold email, as was the case in previous games.

FIFA 20 analysis: features, price and opinion 11

In general terms, Volta and Carrera mode feel like an option for those who don't want to participate in the typical friendly "Barcelona vs. PSG" or Real Madrid vs. Manchester United "multiplayer mode.

He rest of the options remains unchanged, with the license of the Champions League and the European leagues, the curious variants of the Kickoff mode that are designed for when you invite your friends to play, or the ever-present Ultimate Team, a modality that we do not thoroughly test because we are not fans of Micropayments and loot boxes.

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