FIFA 20: You'll be able to humiliate your opponent with a goal on your knees!

by Kelvin

FIFA 20 (Round) – Never tried to 100% humiliate a friend or brother in a friendly football? Probably yes, with varying degrees of success… But in fact, when done right, getting the ball over the goal and getting on your knees to head the ball very slowly is almost like sending my brother back to the skirts of ours. mom.

Well, now 27 years old and my 38 year old brother may no longer be able to do the peladinhas of old… But it seems that I might as well humiliate him again in FIFA 20!


So if you happen to be upset about FIFA 19 celebrations, you are getting ready to Rage on the 27th of September. After all, it has just been revealed that it will be possible to do the classic knee header over the goal line in the new FIFA 20.

EA Sports describes this move as the ultimate finisher, which will not only allow you to score with style but also irritate your opponent in a way that was previously just impossible.

So to make the move, you just need to charge L2 + R2 + RS Front / LT + RT + RS Front

However, this is not the only way you will find to humiliate your friends in FIFA 20!

In FIFA Street mode, you can find various moves to try to mock your opponents, something commonly known as 'Taunt'. Of course, this addition to the game has no influence on gameplay. But it will most likely cause many commands to break through this world.

Besides, what do you think about all this? Feel like trying out the new version of FIFA Street? Share with us your opinion in the comments below.


FIFA 20: Unfortunately, it looks like the gameplay won't change much…

Every year, before a new FIFA title is released, it is tradition to have a presentation game.

However, if by chance I really wanted to have participated in this year's presentation game. Rest assured… Because apparently, you missed nothing! After all, according to some players, FIFA 20 shows absolutely nothing new in its gameplay compared to FIFA 19. But we will explain everything else below.

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