FIFA 2020, The Outer Worlds, Indivisible: Review of the best videos of the week

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FIFA 2020, The Outer Worlds, Indivisible: Review of the best videos of the week

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August has been with us for more than a week and as every year, it is usually associated with holidays, and with it, at a lower level in terms of releases and news, but still, during these days we have had a lot of quality material and more than attractive news that we have been sharing with you. In addition, we must remember that August is also the month in which some of the most important events of the year in terms of video game events and fairs, such as the expected Gamescom, although for this we have to wait at the end of the month. Therefore, the atmosphere in the panorama is relaxed, but not empty, and with all this, this week we leave you again with our summary of the most outstanding videos of the last days, which as we will see below, has a marked taste for football .

We started highlighting, as we have advanced a moment ago, the presence of the king sport in our country, and that is that Electronic Arts and FIFA They are having, as usual on these dates, a great presence in the media with their new delivery that already counts the days that separate them from their arrival on the market. It is time to get to know their new mechanics, their game modes and the sensations they leave, and therefore, in our channel YouTube We have had several special videos dedicated to it. But no, not everything is kicking a ball, we have also had great playable impressions of one of the most anticipated western role-playing games, The Outer Worlds, And how could it be otherwise, once the titles that will be available for PS Plus members for this month of August have arrived, we make our particular analysis. This and some more surprise is what we will review in the following lines. So, once the presentations are made, we go to it.

The latest FIFA Ultimate Team

We started this review in recent days with one of the most important appointments we could go to. We travel to Berlin to enjoy exclusively the benefits of the new delivery of FIFA 20, which as we have already advanced, has been one of the protagonists of this week, which has left us with impressions regarding the Ultimate Team, a fundamental pillar of the Electronic Arts proposal in recent years.


Analysis of August PS Plus games

One more month, with the arrival of the ads of the chosen titles For the PlayStation Plus service, it is important to evaluate and analyze the chosen works. This time, the protagonists are two, WipeOut Omega Collection and Sniper Elite 4. Unlike the previous months, this time we do not get a third title for PlayStation VR, although it is important to mention, that WipeOut Omega Collection can be enjoyed with the PlayStation augmented reality peripheral.

Impressions + Gameplay by The Outer Worlds

We go with one of the highlights of the last days (out of football, that not everything was going to be kicking a ball). We have recently traveled to Munich to exclusively enjoy a new demonstration of The Outer Worlds, the new jewel that the Obsidian team is making. Do you want to know what feelings you left us? Find out in the video and in the impressions written on the web.

FIFA 20 gameplay

All fans of FIFA, we want to know season after season how will our favorite team be in Ultimate Team, and luckily, during this week we have been able to enjoy an exhibition match between two of the great teams worldwide as they are Real Madrid and Liverpool. We can only enjoy this new exclusive gameplay while we await the arrival of the title on the market.

Impressions of Volta, the return of street football

And it is the turn to take charge of one of the most anticipated news of this title of FIFA, Volta. This curious word comes from the Portuguese "back", even the name is a fantasy. Street football returns in style FIFA 20. A few weeks ago we were lucky to try the spiritual successor of FIFA Street Y in this article We come to tell you what we think is one of the great attractions of this new installment of FIFA.

Indivisible already has a release date

One of the most outstanding indies titles of these last two years He has finally set a date for his expected release. We talk about Indivisible, an extremely attractive mix between the RPG and the metroidvania that has been begging for many months. PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC will receive this title October 8 in North America and October 11 in Europe. The confirmed version of Nintendo Switch However, it is still pending to specify a date, something that will happen later, but we have a spectacular trailer to further discover your proposal.

The most powerful graphics seen on PlayStation 4

And to end this review, our special article weekend. On this occasion, we wanted to make a small list of titles that during this generation have taken the hiccups running on a PlayStation 4. Sony's console has been the star in this particular machine war with bright moments and some exclusive titles of the most powerful, but here we review in general the most striking titles at the visual level. Which one would you add?

TV areajugones

And this has been everything, so far our review of the week. Remember that we have a new appointment every Sunday. As always, we invite you to subscribe to our channel YouTube to keep up to date with the best exclusive content. What has been for you the most outstanding video of the week? We look forward to your impressions.

FIFA 2020, The Outer Worlds, Indivisible: Review of the best videos of the week Rubén Aido

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