Filtered Samsung's retro audio adapter Galaxy Note 10

by Kelvin
Filtered Samsung's retro audio adapter Galaxy Note  10

Filtered Samsung's retro audio adapter Galaxy Note  10 2

Sooner or later it had to happen. The manufacturers of smartphones They have to progress and make their devices better in every way. Larger size, more autonomy or enhanced features are some of the improvements that are expected with each new version, but unfortunately some others are lost along the way. Rather they are replaced, as we may see in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 without the 3.5 minijack.

The first Samsung Galaxy no retro headphone port

If manufacturers make the smartphones bigger is a breakthrough even if they don't fit in your pocket. You know that inside there is more battery than in previous versions, which is never missing, better components that make the phone more advanced or includes accessories with which it improves its control. Improvements are always welcome, but when you eliminate such a used and universal function it shows.


samsung minijack cable

It turns out that today it has filtered the USB C adapter to Samsung mini-jack Galaxy Note 10. It consists of a mere adapter with which you can connect your headphones with retro audio input to your terminal to listen to music or receive incoming calls. In the images it does not look very long, since the final extension will depend on the cable that is placed at one end. It is just and necessary so that the adapter is as flexible as possible and does not break in any movement.

This only means one thing, and we have already seen it in other cases. The iPhone X, the Google Pixel 3 are two examples that incorporated this accessory in their boxes in order not to lose a feature that for many users was very important.

Alternatives to your audio output Note 10

Before knowing the terminal, with this filtration of the USB C cable to Samsung mini-jack Galaxy Note 10 You can already intuit that the terminal will come with the first input that will serve both to charge the smartphone and send audio or receive data from an external device. It is best to look for alternatives, such as brand new Bluetooth headphones, such as Samsung Galaxy Buds if you want to rely even more on the firm, or find a plug compatible with the two outputs on the Internet if you do not want to leave the format that has been present in smart mobile phones since its inception.

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