Filtered the first benchmark of the chart based on Navi 14 from AMD

by Kelvin

Around graphic performance, AMD is developing a good series of chipsets based on its 7nm technology, Navi. His first commercialized model, the ATI Radeon RX 5700, It has already realized its potential, it even shuffles as the basis of the next consoles. AMD has left important clues about the future, where it has several lines of development, such as the one that would give new chipsets of the Navi 10 family, although the ones that are most awaited are those of the high range. Now, comes a first leak that exposes the first benchmark of the AMD based Navi 14 graphics card.

As it would have been exposed in several images, the new graphics that would be mounted with this 7nm chipset would be models between 4 and 8GB of RAM. On this occasion, AMD's approach to the range of graphics that Navi 14 would use would correspond to the mid-low range of the catalog, serving as replacement for the current RX 570 and rivals of the GTV16xx. We would be talking about a range that could range between € 150 and € 250.


The filtration performed by CompuBench shows the first benchmark of the chart based on AMD Navi 14, which would count on 12 Compute Units, but as indicated, it seems that the tool used may not have offered a real result. This should be translated into processing units, although, the smaller the number of Compute Units, the less capacity they will offer. And is that attending to other models, as it would be for example the RX 5700 XT, this offers a total of 40 Compute Units, and its basic version, around 36. In this way, we can see that the range of graphics that would result from the cNavi 14 hipset would be a low range.

Filtered the first benchmark of the chart based on Navi 14 from AMD

The PC market, although it may seem otherwise, is managed around profitable models that They range between € 200-300, where these types of products are a priority for companies. We are seeing a lot of activity around the development of new ranges of graphics cards in this segment, where AMD prepares its new range based on the lithography of 7nm, with the Navi 14 chipset, to face those GTX 1650 and GTX 1660 from Nvidia.

Although what is really expected is that AMD advances in the high-end, especially to see how it is able to rival AMD, these types of low-end models are really those that are sold. It is expected that in the coming weeks AMD can offer some detail of the development of the Navi 20, which were allegedly the ones that were going to equip the new generation consoles. However, the delays and that these models point to 2020 seem to complicate the matter.

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