Filtered the first information of Need for Speed ​​Heat

by Kelvin

After its official announcement, Need for Speed ​​Heat will be one of the games that have confirmed presence in Gamescom 2019 to discover its gameplay. However, it seems that there are some users who would have had early access to this new Ghost Games project at a private Electronic Arts event. This is how the first information related to Need for Speed ​​Heat, discovering some very interesting things about the proposal.

We can no longer say that there is no intentionality in disclosing private information to certain insiders, who run like chicken without a head to reveal what they have been told. But it is also true that it may simply be a theory of an individual who pretends to be insider, who via YouTube would have wanted to discover this information accompanied by the forums of resetera.


Best of all, this insider was responsible for previously filtering what Electronic Arts confirmed. What has given more truth to its filtration and now, is used to reveal interesting details. In this filtration that reveals the first information of Need for Speed ​​Heat, reveals that it is aboute an open world game what will you try A darker and more realistic story. But if you expect the game to offer a dynamic day-night cycle, forget it, although it is confirmed that there will be weather.

Technically, the game evolves what is seen in Need for Speed ​​Payback, which offered a quite resulton finish. Now, in terms of concept, Ghost Games has wanted to combine several aspects of all its games in the game, making it a kind of mix between Need for Speed ​​2015 with Need for Speed ​​Rivals and his police confrontations. But there will be time for more "legal" careers, where the essence of that ProStreet That gave way to the Shift.

As for tuning, it seems that they will follow the trail of the latest games where pieces of different levels can be equipped to improve the characteristics of the vehicle. In This time, Need for Speed ​​Heat abandons Speed ​​Cards and also offroad racing, surrendering completely to the asphalt and bringing back the prominence of police persecutions. There will be different levels of persecution, with the return of helicopters in persecutions in that open world with total freedom of movement to evade the police and escape. A curious detail is that it seems that there will be no barricades in these persecutions, we will see.

Need for Speed ​​Heat promises more cars, more customization and more challenges

And it will be at Gamescom 2019 where the gameplay of Need for Speed ​​Heat, where we sure have a lot of new information about what they will get from Ghost Games. For now, they have confirmed that there will be no loot boxes, but they do have plans to include vehicles and enhancers via DLC.

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