Filtering Google Pixel 4 XL batteries is enough for 90 Hz?

by Kelvin
Filtering Google Pixel 4 XL batteries is enough for 90 Hz?

At this point, Google can introduce a new tomorrow the flagship It will not surprise us anywhere. Without strange little details, we already know everything about Google Pixels 4 XL, because this is the more filtered of the two. Yesterday it was a drop that filled the glass, when the first video of the terminal analysis was published, which showed almost all the details of the terminal in question. One aspect that we don't know yet is the battery capacity., but of course, it leaked.

One of the aspects that we like the most about the leak of the Google Pixel 4 Different XL, is to see the next the flagship Google will arrive with a refresh rate of 90 Hz. Other than that too We already know that the resolution is QuadHD + (3.40 x 1,440 pixels). Without a doubt, this will affect the autonomy of the battery, from which we can see its capacity today.


Google Pixel 4 XL will have a 3,700 mAh battery

Already on Weibo, where the images that we leave below these lines have been published. In it, you can see the Google Pixel 4 XL battery capacity, shown in the terminal features summary application. You can install this application to verify that the data displayed on your mobile device is correct. We leave you a download link at the end of this article.

As you can see in the image, Google Pixel Battery 4 XL will be 3,700 mAh. This is a lower capacity than some of its competitors, but it doesn't have a bad number either. To get an idea, Samsung Galaxy S10 has a smaller battery, with a bigger screen and with the same resolution. Of course, we must remember that Google Pixel 4 XL will also have the option to activate 90 Hz, whether we like it or not, it will consume more battery than the standard 60 Hz screen.

The only cell phone with which we can compare this battery is OnePlus 7 Pro, which also has a refreshing speed and resolution, but in a much larger size, so it has a larger battery, we have the integrity that consumption will be the same. . Considering that OnePlus 7T will have panels with very similar characteristics and batteries with close capacity, we assume that the battery consumption will also be similar. For all we know, We do not expect the best consumption on the market., but Google Pixel 4 XL will last all day with a smooth battery and if you want to extend its autonomy, we only need to reduce the refresh rate to 60 Hz.

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