Final Fantasy VII and VIII remastered Switch In a physical package


Final Fantasy fans will soon be able to improve their physical game library Switch – With Square Enix announcing that it will launch a two-in-one hard copy later this year in Asia.

That includes Final Fantasy VII and the last Switch Launch of eShop Final Fantasy VIII remastered.


Both games will be supported in English and Japanese. The following is an announcement along with the official Square Enix Asia box Facebook page:

For Asia, ‘FINAL FANTASY VII’ and ‘FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered’ will come to Nintendo Switch in a physical package!

For now, this twin pack appears to be a special Asian release. Other details such as price have not been disclosed.

This announcement follows from the August news when Japanese sites Square Enix and Play Asia confirmed that VIII Remastered will be the only digital release.

Is this the physical package you were waiting for? Leave a comment below.

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