Finally!! Samsung Galaxy Fold hits the market

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Finalmente!! Samsung Galaxy Fold chega ao mercado

After many advances and setbacks, finally the Samsung Galaxy Fold will hit the market tomorrow. The announcement was made today officially by the brand itself.

The wait is finally over and South Korea will be the first to receive this new piece of technology.

Finally!! Samsung Galaxy Fold  hits the market

Samsung Galaxy Fold, the long-awaited folding

First april. The month Samsung pointed to as the first release date of its folding smartphone. Then the problems. When Samsung announced Galaxy Fold In February, the brand soon put it in the hands of many experts.

Within a few days of use they began to report serious problems with the display of this terminal, which forced the brand to retreat and cancel its launch.

Finally!! Samsung Galaxy Fold  hits the market 1

We recently announced a new category of mobile devices and are very excited to look forward to the Galaxy Fold: A smartphone that uses a variety of new technologies and materials to create a screen that is flexible enough to fold.

While many reviewers have shared with us the huge potential they see in this machine, others have shown that some improvements can be implemented to ensure a better user experience.

To evaluate these reactions and in order to carry out further tests on the equipment, we decided to postpone the launch of Galaxy Fold. In the coming weeks we will reveal the new release date. A first look at the reported screen issues revealed that these may relate to the exposed areas of the hinge. In some cases, substances were found within the device that affected screen performance.

We will take steps to strengthen the screen saver. We will also improve our recommendations on the care and use of the display, including the protective layer, so that our consumers can make the most of their Galaxy Fold.

We value the trust our consumers place in us and they will always be our highest priority. Samsung is committed to working closely with its customers and partners to drive the industry forward.

We want to thank you for your understanding.

This was the brand statement made at the time.

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From wise decision to launch

After several months, the brand then had enough time to correct the problems. Behold, as promised, the new Fold begins to arrive tomorrow in the world.

We have not only improved the design and construction of Fold, but we took the opportunity to rethink the entire consumer journey.

Price and availability

The samsung Galaxy Fold will hit the market tomorrow, September 6th. Being the first market covered, of course, the South Korean. However, starting September 18, Europe will also have available in some countries this new device that "defies the barriers of traditional smartphone design".

So on the next 18th the Galaxy Fold It is available in France, Germany and the United Kingdom, with the 5G model only available in Germany and the United Kingdom. In Europe, the Galaxy Fold will be available with a € 2,000 PVP and the Galaxy Fold 5G with a reference price of 2,100 €.

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