Find out if you can donate blood and to whom with the Blood Type app

by Kelvin
Find out if you can donate blood and to whom with the Blood Type app

Find out if you can donate blood and to whom with the Blood Type app 2

We could define blood donation as “A medical procedure whereby a person (a volunteer, not financially paid) sand performs a blood draw that is then injected into another person (blood transfusion) or is used to make medications. ” But if we enter the Red Cross website we will see that this is more than, since "blood donation is a social necessity. To meet the needs of our Community, about 40 donations are needed per 1000 inhabitants and year ”.

How to know who you can donate blood to

Per se, The donation process is something that should be monitored, since se can donate every 2 months, with a maximum of 4 donations a year men and 3 women. Therefore it is recommended that you plan your donations every year so that they are distributed every 3 or 4 months, and also donate before the holiday periods. In these periods "donations are drastically reduced, while needs are maintained. ”


But you can't donate like that, without more. People are classified according to their blood group and HR (for example A +). Since not all groups are compatible with each other, when a transfusion is to be performed, the compatibility of the two factors must be addressed: Negative RH groups can donate to people in the same blood group, whether they are positive or negative, while positive RHs are only compatible with positive ones. If you want to be a donor and still do not know who you can and who can not give your blood, this app will clarify your doubts.

Blood type app

With a very simple and clear interface, Blood Type App will teach us the basics in terms of blood groups. To start it is necessary that we know our blood type, since we must insert it in the initial screen. Once we do, we go to a screen in which we are explained, based on our blood group, to which others can we donate our blood.

The Blood Type App helps you know who you can donate blood to

For example, if you are 0 negative, you are the so-called universal donor: your blood is compatible with all blood groups, but you can only receive blood from another 0 negative. This blood group is only 9% of the population so it is the most demanded ever. Blood Type App is available to download here on Android phones. Although if you decide to donate blood we also recommend this other app, Blood Donation, with which you can keep track of donations to see when you did the last and when you can do the next.