Finding an iPhone off or offline will be possible on iOS 13

by Kelvin
Finding an iPhone off or offline will be possible on iOS 13 1

Losing or stealing a device like the iPhone, iPad or Mac can be a real headache. Not only for the money that these equipment cost but for the usefulness that these devices give us in our day-to-day lives, the information we store inside and even the sentimental value they could have for us. Well, it seems that thanks to the new operating systems we can finally find them even when they are not connected to the Internet or turned off. However we will continue to have an important drawback. We tell you everything below.

So we can find our device Apple lost

Currently the "Search" application present on our iOS devices and even on the iCloud website, allows us to locate our device on a map whenever it is on and connected to the internet. Also in macOS equipment it is possible to have this information if the same requirements are met. For this, this function must be activated in the settings of our devices.



The arrival of iOS 13, iPadOS and macOS Catalina This fall will bring a significant improvement in the search for stolen or lost devices. From now on these systems will bring an improvement in the Search’ application, which now also includes those of Search for my Friends’ present in previous versions and with which we could locate the contacts we had added.

The MacRumors media has been in charge of remembering one of the new functions shown by Apple in the last WWDC 2019 and in which it is said that the bluetooth technology It could serve to make our devices serve as a beacon to be located even turned off. This could also have a certain relationship with an alleged new accessory that would allow us to locate any object through a kind of label that would connect to our iPhone.

The downside of all this is that precisely because the connection is established by bluetooth, We will not be able to locate the device if it is too far from our position. In the case of having lost the equipment in our house or in a close ratio it will be useful but if it is a case of theft it could be more complicated because with almost total probability the thief will have moved away enough so that we cannot locate Bluetooth device.

We hope that, as it happens so far, the stolen device can continue on and with internet connection, in which case we will see its geographical situation as before. But being realistic, in the vast majority of cases the first thing thieves do is turn off the device.

Returning to the case that the lost device is nearby, we can emit a sound in it to make it easier for us to locate it. Something that we can do now and that is very similar to the function that incorporate the Apple Watch in the Control Center and with which we can emit a sound on the iPhone.

Although this functionality should not be underestimated, we believe that in the future Apple should work to incorporate an even more complete function that is able to locate any device off even if it is very far from our reach. That way, finally, you would be able to give total security and peace of mind to the users if they could lose their iPhone, iPad or Mac.

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