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As we expected, WhatsApp has been updated to protect your chats with a fingerprint. An update now allows anyone to access your conversations on WhatsApp without your permission. As long as your phone has a fingerprint sensor you can block the chats with this system.

Until now we could protect WhatsApp conversations from intruders thanks to third-party systems and applications. But now the world's most popular messaging application makes it easier for us and the Zuckerberg company has already integrated a system of protection of conversations that you can already activate.

How to protect your WhatsApp with fingerprint

You can already do it from your mobile phone. Go to WhatsApp and go to the application settings by clicking on the button with three dots in the upper right corner. From here you can access Settings and the Account section. Go to the "Privacy" option and you will see that there is a new option that indicates “Fingerprint lock”. It will appear as deactivated on a regular basis but it will be enough to activate it to configure the settings and start protecting your chats on your mobile.

The first thing your mobile phone will ask for is that put your finger on the fingerprint sensor. And the settings will open. You can choose how often WhatsApp automatically locks. You can choose to do so immediately, after one minute or after thirty minutes since you closed the application. You can also choose how you want notifications to be displayed and if you want the sender and text to appear when a notification arrives. If you want absolute privacy, disable this option.


Whatsapp Protect

Once You have configured the Fingerprint Lock on WhatsApp You will always have to put your finger on the phone's sensor to access your conversations. If your phone is locked, you will need the fingerprint twice: once to unlock the phone and a second time to unlock conversations.

The new function is already available and if it does not appear in the settings menu it will be enough to go to Google Play Store and update the application. The latest version of WhatsAPp already has the Fingerprint Lock and if it does not appear it will be a matter of hours or days that you can protect your conversations.

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