Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Maximum number of students you can recruit

by Kelvin
Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Maximum number of students you can recruit

There are around 34 playable characters in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. However, not everyone can join their team. The characters related to your quest are determined by the house you chose at the beginning of the game.

At the beginning of the game, you become a teacher at a prestigious school, and you must immediately decide which house you want to teach. The three houses are The Black Eagles The Blue Lions and The Golden Deer Each household has its own student and a student leader. The student leaders in house three are the three countries of Fódlan.


Each household starts only by releasing students, so you can recruit others to join your goals. You can ask other students from two other houses to join your class, and you can also recruit multiple faculty members.

The maximum number of students you can recruit?

There are 24 students playable in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. They are divided into three houses, each with student freedom. After choosing a home to become a teacher, you can recruit students from other homes to join your class. In general, you should be able to recruit almost all other students, but we haven't done it ourselves. That said, trying to recruit everyone was a very difficult task in the first game. Also, certain characters cannot be recruited outside their home.

The characters you cannot recruit are local leaders; Other than the house leader you choose, other leaders cannot be recruited. That means Edelgard, Dimitri and Claude are exclusive to their respective homes. Being a personal leader must also be unique to your initial home. That means Hubert is exclusive to Black Eagles, Dedue is exclusive to Blue Lions, and Hilda must be exclusive to Golden Deer.

However, there is interrelated information about Hilda who cannot be recruited. Twitter EdragonXX users choose a picture of Hilda's recruiting requirements. The RPG site also claims that the character can be recruited in the third month on the Blue Lions route. We have not personally asked to see if Hilda can be recruited.

Choose, after a certain point in the game, and depending on your decision, Hilda can be recruited like everyone else. If you want to recruit him, you need Cha and Ax.

– EdragonXX (@edragonxx) July 19, 2019

So, in addition to the house leader and two followers, other students must be fair game. However, recruiting student characters takes a lot of time and effort. To recruit a student, you must have an avatar character. Byleth ranked highly enough in two special abilities and statistics. Each student has different skills or statistics that Byleth needs to improve his grades.

For example, Leonie needs Byleth to have high scores on Spear and Strength. From our experience, class C in skills and 15 in a statistic high enough to recruit students. Not only that, but Byleth needs to have a close enough relationship with them before we can recruit them. Improving skills takes time, and doing it for all students will last forever.

Theoretically, it should be possible. Most Sundays, you have a day off. On Sundays, you can fight to raise your level. Although certain battles will exhaust the amount of time you have in a day, there is one battle that will never take your time. You can train that free battle to upgrade all your skills to class C and have enough leveling to have high stats on everything.

The only problem is that you gain a little experience to assess your skills in battle. You also have to use classes to increase the value of certain abilities, and you will need weapons to increase the value of the abilities.

We said, "We have to decide for ourselves." Most players recruit two to four students first in their initial game. Maybe if you prefer the game, you could get more if you work hard.

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