Firefox 76 brings smart password manager and improved PiP

by Kelvin
Firefox 76 brings smart password manager and improved PiP

Mozilla released this Tuesday (05) version 76 of Firefox. In addition to numerous bugfixes and performance optimizations, the browser has received a smarter password manager and additions to Picture-in-Picture (PiP) windowed videos.

Now available for download, version 76 of Firefox has Firefox Lockwise as the highlight. Updating the password manager makes it protect registration information on shared computers and tracks login data and password leaks over the internet — notifying you if you’re a potential victim.

When updated, Firefox Lockwise will require the device password to make passwords saved on the device available. Once authorized, the tool displays and allows the use of stored passwords for up to 5 minutes. This timeout prevents other users on the same machine from accessing accounts stored in the browser, which is useful for familiar computers.


In addition, Firefox Lockwise will notify the user if any registered site has been the target of attacks and data has been leaked. Likewise, the browser will point out the reuse of leaked passwords in future registrations. Finally, the tool is also able to suggest random letters, numbers or symbols to strengthen your security. Firefox Lockwise is available for the browser, as well as iOS and Android devices.

The Picture-in-Picture window received a notable update in version 76. Allowing you to continue watching videos while browsing other computer applications, PiP videos can be made full screen or minimized with two clicks.

For Zoom fans, Firefox received native chat support — no additional downloads and procedures required. Another important addition was WebRender, responsible for speeding up page loading by the GPU, now available for more computers.