Firefox prepares to reach the iPhone

by Kelvin
Firefox prepares to reach the iPhone 1

The famous Firefox web browser may be available soon for iPhone and iPad

In a short time we can surf the Internet with Firefox from iPhone and iPad being able to use the full potential of its Open Source technology. This has been declared by the vice president of Mozilla, Jonathan Nightingale, during an event that took place in Portland.

Firefox prepares to reach the iPhone 2

Mozilla changes his mind and now they believe it is important that Firefox should be present on iOS

According to what the vice president of Mozilla has said:


We have to be present where our users are, it is for this reason that we will launch Firefox for iOS.

As we know, until recently the story was totally different. The mobile operating system problem of Apple, iOS, is that Cupertino guys prevent third-party applications from using the Web engine or Javascript, unlike native applications. In other words, this means that all alternative browsers that are available in the App Store, at least so far, are more than an alternative interface to Safari.

This had been the main reason why during the past year, what was then the vice president of Firefox made references to:

It is an insurmountable problem, so it is impossible to incorporate our sophisticated rendering and Javascript engines into iOS.

Apparently, things have improved partially after the arrival of the latest Major Release of the mobile operating system of Apple, IOS 8. In fact, the limitations imposed by the Californian firm made all third-party browsers always slower than Safari, however after Apple began to allow developers the ability to take advantage of new features, such as the Nitro Engine JavaScript, something that has at least put Safari and other iOS browsers at the same level.

Firefox prepares to reach the iPhone 3

Firefox will come to iOS with synchronization options between the computer and mobile client

This also adds the possibility that developers and users do not have to configure the default browser on iOS, which explains why Chrome, Opera and soon Firefox encounter so many difficulties in creating a higher quality user experience on iPhone and iPad. So far it is not clear how long it will take the development of Firefox, but at this point it is possible that we will have news about it in a few months.

Firefox will come to iOS, but not with its own rendering engine. However, you can have options such as accounts, custom panels and, above all, the ability to synchronize data and passwords between the client for computer and mobile.

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