First Date for players? Twitch is preparing various realities

by Kelvin
First Date for players? Twitch is preparing various realities 1

Reality can be achieved Twitch

The news came through Bloomberg, where they assured the company that it was determined to invest between $ 50,000 and $ 250,000 a week to create some programs that will have between two and three programs a week to produce 10 hours of programming. There are discussions about dating programs, but there are also sports shows, music, talks and, of course, video games. Basically hot topics are now on traditional television.

The interesting thing about the proposal Twitch it is possible to interact with the broadcast, because through chat and the user service function will be able to express themselves and intervene throughout the program, so the viewing experience can be quite interactive from the viewer side.


Incorrect formula

Going into reality design production is something that almost always works. Many television channels have seen a significant boost in their viewership thanks to this type of program, and we've seen how Streaming services like Netflix have also launched this kind of format with their own productions like The Circle or, more recently, Playing With Fire.

It will be interesting to see how Twitch It embraces this format and how far it can go, as the love affair for the player sounds strange and very interesting to miss. If we add that viewers can write their comments in real time and motivate those who participate in the program, the results may be very interesting. This is something we can experience on this channel Sing of Twitch, where users can show off their singing skills as interactive karaoke.

On this channel, broadcasters broadcast pictures of their webcams while singing, while viewers enjoyed the show and shared their feelings live via chat, joining the party and participating in karaoke at the time. It is this choice of interaction that makes a backup Twitch, so we look forward to seeing what they can do with the idea of ​​a possible reality.

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