First impressions: we tested the frantic Marvel’S Avengers

by Kelvin

Today we bring you our impressions of Marvel’S Avengers. Despite all the prognosis, even though it has rained criticism for things as simple as the face of his characters, Marvel’S Avengers He intends to put all the meat on the grill to offer us something we have never seen before, but are we prepared for it? With this new delight of Square Enix and Crystal Dinamics, we can enjoy alone or in the company of a new story of America's favorite heroes but, not only will the typical plot of superheroes save the world once again: there is a more interesting background that has already been touched before in the franchise, as is the one superheroes save themselves or not. We left it there. Without more presentations, we already talk about our impressions of Marvel’S Avengers.


Well, once again, the Gamescom of Germany has allowed us to try games like this, in which, in addition to a gameplay of about 20 minutes playing each hero almost completely, we have also had new details from the hand of the I study and what can we say about what we have tried?

We are facing – perhaps – one of the best superhero video games created, with great tendencies to have been developed exclusively for the biggest fans of the Avengers saga. Has frantic action, fights that remove the hiccups, not a second of breath between blow and blow and much more but, better, let's start with our parts impressions of Marvel’S Avengers.

A new enemy and his henchmen plague San Francisco and who will be able to stop them? Well, the Avengers of course. We take Mjolnir's hilt and start playing with Thor, which of course the words are left over because, without entering many spoilers, for those who have been able to see the Nordic god in Infinity War and have enjoyed this, tell them it's about from the same Thor they saw. With fascinating blows and movements, not to mention the effects of the hammer itself, which make him a very enjoyable hero both in a melee and at a distance with his hammer throws and his blows to the ground that can even clear the way-to say that All heroes have both types of attack, if we can count on the incredible Hulk jumps.

First impressions: we tested the frantic Marvel’S Avengers 4

We continue with Hombre de Hierro, one of the favorites of the public and that will continue to be also in this title. Very varied both in the air, where we must fine tune our aim, as well as on the ground. Again nothing can stop Stark and, if we have him as a partner, it will be a great air support. Of course, this is not all he can offer us and, as you know, he is always full of surprises … and laser weapons.

Behind him, it was time for Bruce Banner to go green to destroy everything in his path. And yes, it is exactly what he gets to do, counting on different attacks in the area and even catching the enemies themselves to hit the others with them. Simply beastly. But also our Hulk It not only serves to smack, but it is also a great climber, which will help us grab and access some areas that others do not.

We happen to hold the shield of Captain America, who does not disappoint in any of his movements. And is that if you saw the soldier in motion before you will know how skilled he can be but it turns out that in Marvel’S Avengers It is even better. With the shield we can protect ourselves, throw it at several enemies as well as hit them, but with what you are going to be more impressions is with their jumps, somersaults and other movements in combat. There is not a second to get bored.

And of course we couldn't finish trying these characters without touching Black Widow, one of the big ones. As you know, like his blue, red and white companion, he is also quite agile and skilled in terms of fighting movements. It has two firearms for its ranged attack, a whip to crawl towards its enemies and a series of interesting gadgets such as the electric fist.

First impressions: we tested the frantic Marvel’S Avengers 5

All of them, as we have already said, have their own abilities and special enhancers, not to mention the final attack or 'shot' for their enemies that can be done by pressing two buttons at the same time, each shot being different and making fights much more enjoyable, varied and entertaining.

As you can see, the company has tried to create these heroes again, that is why the curious appointment of one of its leaders: ‘Yes, aesthetically they are different, but they are they are different in every way to the Avengers of the movies. But, not only are we going to keep the aesthetic, because MarvelAvengers has great new content giving a breath of fresh air to superhero video games.

As we have seen, we will have a constant level rise, interchangeable equipment – although this will only change its statistics, not its appearance -, unlockable attacks depending on the role we like most in combat, skins that can be purchased with real money and world missions, which will be divided between Hero Missions, which can only be done alone in campaign mode and Warzone Missions, which will be available both alone and cooperatively for up to 4 players.

Having an incredibly well-maintained aesthetic, an environment and worked effects, as well as a gameplay that, even outside the kinematics it seems that we are within one of his films, the studio has achieved its purpose: to take the Avengers and not copy them, if do not improve them. Creating a unique experience in which we can finally feel the heroes ourselves given their immersion and even get the attention of those players strangers to the genre. At the moment we will have to see the final product to judge but, with the scarce 20 minutes that we have been able to appreciate, we have to say that it promises to be very large, although it is not assured.

First impressions: we tested the frantic Marvel’S Avengers 6

We hope you enjoyed the impressions of Marvel’S Avengers. Remember that Marvel’S Avengers It will arrive on May 15, 2020 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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