first photo captured by a 64 MP sensor


Xiaomi decided to start producing Redmi devices as an independent brand a few months ago and they were unable to make a better decision. After several sales of the Poco series, the Chinese company has decided to focus its production cheapest route to Redmi, an idea that is revolutionizing the market. Redmi Note 7 has become a best-seller with more than 20 million devices sold now, this Asian giant wants to renew this range with Redmi Note 8 Pro.

A few hours ago we discussed news related to liquid cooling that will make the new Redmi even more of a game. Note 8 Pro, a terminal that will launch on the market with a MediaTek chip and with many new features related to the camera. Yes, Xiaomi will integrate a new 64 megapixel sensors on the device from which the first photos were filtered. We are not talking about rendering, but the images taken by your new camera. Will you miss him


This is how Redmi captures that moment Note 8 Pro

Redmi Note 7 reach the market as a quintessential middle class where a perfect balance between performance, design and camera. However, Xiaomi has decided to update it. smartphones most popular with a photography system that may be one of the most recommended in the intermediary sector. At least this is guaranteed by various international media thanks to the publication of various media Original photo to be captured by Redmi himself Note 8 Pro.

Lu Weibing, CEO of the company., published this morning on his Weibo profile a series of images where he can see the new photographic capacity of Redmi Note 8 Pro. The key to this post is to showl ISOCELL Bright GW1 64 MP sensor is manufactured by Samsung That will come with 0.8 Pixel μm and Tetracell technology as the base. That is, the device will be able to unite the action of four pixels in one with the aim of increasing the resolution in low light conditions.

In addition to this information, we can also highlight a new press photo filter where you can see all the aesthetic characteristics of the terminal with a very careful design. We have to wait until August 29, but everything seems to indicate that Xiaomi will revolutionize the market with the new Redmi Note 8 Pro.

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