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Redmi, which was a Xiaomi line for low budget smartphones, separated from its parent company at the beginning of the year to work independently. Initially, the company focused on smartphones. However, now the manufacturer will enter New product categories. In this case we refer to Smart TVs with his first Redmi TV.

In recent months they have launched a laptop and even a washing machine. Now, the company is now ready to enter to the Smart TV market. The firm has confirmed that the Redmi TV with a 70-inch screen will be launched in China on August 29.


First official image of Redmi TV

Now, before the launch of this new Redmi TV, the company has shared an image of the future product. Thanks to this, the firm offers us the first clear vision of its design. The design of the Redmi TV at first sight will not bring any revolution. Is simple, clean and elegant with thin bezels surrounding the screen.

There is a small rectangular box under the “Redmi” brand, that could contain the camera sensor. Yesterday, Lu Weibing, General Manager of Redmi, said Redmi TV not only will it be smart but it will also be great and during the announcement it will surprise people. It remains to be seen what the manager is insinuating.

Will have 70 inches

first real image shows your design »- 2

The first Redmi TV will have a huge 70 inch screen as suggested by the model number shown in its certification by the 3C entity. This will place you in size behind Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 75-inch and Mi TV 4S 75-inch smart TVs. There were rumors of a 40-inch model, but there is no certainty that it will be released the same day.

The 75-inch Mi TV 4 is priced at 8999 yuan (around 1149 euros or 1277 dollars). Meanwhile the 75-inch Mi TV 4S is priced at 5199 yuan (around 664 euros or 738 dollars). It is very likely that Redmi TV has a price closer to that of the Mi TV 4S.

This future TV would have a 4K resolution on your screen. You must also come with the system Xiaomi PatchWall. Other features expected include DTS, Dolby Audio and a Bluetooth voice remote control. To know more, including pricing and availability details, we will have to wait for the official launch event.

Will arrive next to Redmi Note 8

Along with this new product Smart TV, the company is also expected other products. More specifically the Redmi series phones Note 8. The event will be held in China on August 29.


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