First restaurant with robot waitresses in Spain opens

by Kelvin
First restaurant with robot waitresses in Spain opens

It is called Crensa and it is a restaurant that combines Chinese and Spanish cuisine, which opens its doors this Monday in the Valencian neighborhood of Benimaclet

But what makes it unique in Spain are its two waitresses robots, which respond to the name of Mulán and serve orders with as much education as asking for a step to bring their dishes and call the customer "affection".


The robots demand that they clear the way with a "let me pass, please" and serve the food with sweetness and a "take advantage, honey", and are the great novelty of this establishment of Asian food in a neighborhood in constant evolution , to the northeast of the city.

According to the businessman, 'Mulan' robots, which are manufactured in China, are designed to 'save some of the work' of humans.

Meanwhile, the kitchen will also contain six robots (smart processors), which will speed up work and help cook.

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