Fitbit Versa review


I guess everyone already knows about Fitbit, since last year we presented you with a review of the entire range of physical activity measurement devices, such as Charge 2 or Blaze


With the purchase of Pebble, Fitbit entered the market for smart watches presented by Ionic, a device that seeks to compete directly with the greats of the portable industries, taking much of the Pebble legacy, and although it is one of the best activity meters Ionic falls into two important aspects: software and price.

Today we bring you a review of Fitbit Versa, the new smart watch from the North American company that is planning compete directly with Apple Watch, trying to reach the masses at a better price, with a more design conscious and with Fitbit OS 2.0, your new operating system.

Versa has a 1.34 inch LCD touch screen and unlike ions, this time squared, like that of Apple Watch, looking from where to borrow some aspects of its design.

Let's see if this smartwatch increases the errors Ionic had at first and if the new software achieves incredible measurements of physical activity.

Technical details

Manufacturers and models

– Fitbit– Versa– Initial condition: New– Open the box: Fitbit Versa, charging cable, plastic strap, manual.


– Accelerometer and three-axis gyroscope – Altimeter – Optical heart rate monitor – Integrated ambient light sensor – 1,34 inch LCD touch screen – Vibration motor – SpO2 sensor – NFC (in special edition). .- Bluetooth 4.0.- Keep up to 50 meters underwater. – Lithium batteries with unspecified capacity up to 4 days


Let's start with the design. There is no doubt that Fitbit Versa is inspired by design Apple Watch, with a square appearance and rounded edges that move away from the classic design of a round watch proposed by Google with Wear OS.

It was constructed in aluminum one piece and we can immerse it up to 50 meters underwater, so there is no problem if we want to swim with it and the truth is a pleasure to use. Versa is very light and comfortableAnd of course it looks better on a woman's wrist than Ionic.

On the left side we have The main button is used to manually turn on the screen and return, and on the right we have two others that work to perform actions in the application, while behind there are heart rate sensors, which work 24 hours to measure even our sleep, and a connector to charge the watch.

The buttons are not of low quality, but the reality is have no texture And the route is not as good as Ionic, so there are times when it happens to me that I don't know if I have pressed a button. Don't panic, it's nothing serious, it's just that Ionic is good enough.

Something I don't like is the Fitbit has decided to eliminate the band exchange system and has implemented a classic system hours that don't work well, at least for me. It took me about 10 minutes to put the strap back in place after taking it off to take photos. Fitbit has convinced us of that This change is caused by the design of the watch. and that as you get used to it and the process becomes easier, unfortunately that is not my case.

It is true that Versa feels cheaper than Ionic, but in any case it lags behind the competition, it is minimalist, slim, light and basically everything sports hours need, with the exception of GPS, so we have to take our phone if we want to use it.

Fitbit will be sold with belts of different materials, such as plastic, metal and fabric in different colors, ranging from CLP $ 26,990 to $ 64,990.


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Like Ionic, in addition to being a tool for measuring physical activity, we face smart watches, so that's it. Fitbit Versa has a 1.34-inch LCD touch screen that can be used to navigate through the interface. The screen is square and protected by Corning Gorilla Glass.

screen It looks great in any light condition.It reaches over 1000 nits and also has an ambient light sensor on the front that works perfectly, so I have no problem with light changes throughout the day, nice to see at night in low light and also in full day light.

That is important highlight that the screen works perfectly, in contrast to Ionic, with which I had to experience enough latency, wrong touch, or trouble sliding across the screen. All of that has been resolved here.

Measure of activity

Whether it's ionic or charge 2 is one of the best physical activity meters, Fitbit Versa is not far behind because it has practically the same measurement quality.

Inside we have all kinds of sensors so that measurements are accurate, such as An accelerometer, gyroscope, heart rate sensor, altimeter and GPS are connected to our smartphone. (which is the only difference with ionic). The watch is smart enough to be detected when we do physical activity, we produce it our heart rate chart, height and other variables through its application. This measurement is continuous and runs 24 hours a day and Fitbit calls it SmartTrack.

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Yes but What can be measured with SmartTrack? With this function, we can automatically track the steps taken, the distance traveled, the minutes of activity, the calories burned and the floor we have climbed, in addition to using heart rate sensors to measure the quality of sleep, our graphs of rhythm during physical activity or sports and also allows you to track women's menstrual activity, dynamically predict menstrual cycles.

But that's not all, Versa is waterproof up to 50 meters, so there will be no problem measuring our swimming session, track strokes, distance and burning calories in water.

It should be noted that thanks to all the sensors that the device has, we can track our maximum oxygen consumption (or aerobic capacity). This is known as VO2 Max and is one of the most efficient ways to measure a person's aerobic capacity.

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Finally, although this option can be changed, by default, the watch allows you to press one of the side buttons start manually measuring certain activitiesCycling, running, swimming, interval training or tennis Weight training, among others, and on the same watch screen, our activity data will be shown in real time. If we don't do it manually, in the app (which I'll talk about later) the activities are only listed as sports, and they can be modified to calculate the statistics more accurately, and there are activities that it might not automatically detect, like lifting weights, why don't you take action

Is now save for 7 days of complete records of our activities, and for 30 days our daily summary, so if we go to a place where there is no connection, or we do not have our phone, the information will be stored securely on the watch, until we can synchronize it in the smartphone application.

The application

One of the most important features of Fitbit portable devices is the application we use on our smartphone to manage measurements of physical activity, as well as view the statistics and graphs it generates. And I say characteristic because the user experience is an important part of the pleasure of the device for athletes.

The application works as follows, in the main section we have our main statistics that the watch automatically collects using sensors and displays it in an organized way, but only marked as a sport, we can manually place the exercise performed so that the measurements are more accurate .

On the other hand, we can see statistics and graphs of our sleep measurements, determine how long we are awake, in light and deep sleep and in REM, we can also see a complete history of our heart rate, weight and height, or digested of water and foods. All of the above is reinforced by the possibility of setting health goals and objectives, and the application will help us through the orientation and challenges to achieve them.

Fitbit coach

If we need help with our training, Fitbit offers Fitbit Coach as an alternative to using its guided video and sound routines. The trainer is available on both watch and smartphone, is free with limited use, and the paid version unleashes its full potential.

From Fitbit Coach I speak in more detail in the Fitbit Ionic review.

Operating system and usage

One of the points that I criticized hours before the company was the operating system, and that Fitbit OS was far from the performance offered by Wear OS and watchOS, in addition to the lack of known applications.

With Fitbit Versa, the company launched the Fitbit 2.0 operating system, a new version that changes some details and improves performance, but will it adapt to the competition?

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Let's talk about the user interface first, which is pretty much the same. We have a home page that can be customized with different covers. digital or analog, where depending on what we choose, our daily physical activity and heart rate information, among others, will be displayed. Some are interactive, so we can even have pets (Tamagochi type) that we must be satisfied with our physical activity and hours of sleep.

Swiping to the right no longer works, so now to access the settings for quick notifications and music control, we have to press and hold the left side button.

If we slide down, we no longer have instant access to control music instead we now have notifications, and slide up we will find one of the novelties of the Fitbit 2.0 operating system, because we will access the "Today" application that will show us all the activities of our day in detail, as if it were an application for smartphones.

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The sections of the application remain intact, they are on the right side of the main page and we have to download them from the phone, we can rearrange them to our liking and although there are new things, such as the inclusion of Deezer for Europe and Latin America, or applications for tennis players, the list is still very limited with respect to Wear OS or watchOS. Pressing one of the two side buttons we will access our two favorite applications, in my case they are Exercise and Timer.

I want to emphasize that the application is well designed to work with the button of the clock and it must be taken into account that its performance has improved a lot in Versa, there are no more problems with delay or synchronization, so now it is more pleasant to use a corporate watch yes the notification system is still as sad as iOS, is a far cry from what is offered on Android, such as smart management and bundling.

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There is a special edition, which is equipped with mats and has an NFC chip to make payments through Fitbit Pay, but unfortunately Chile is not ready for this type of technology due to the inefficiency of the people who govern us.


Fitbit Versa has a lithium polymer battery with unspecified and company capacity promised up to 4 days, and the reality is appropriate.

Although battery life isn't as spectacular as Ionic's, Versa has lived up to expectations, delivering the promised performance all the time, in normal use, measuring my heart's activity day and night.

The charging method is something that works differently than Ionic. The device is charged with magnetic energy, and Versa is charged through a "clip" type base where we have to place the watch manually, even if it is still fixed or using an induction pin. The watch takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge.

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Fitbit again surprised us with one of the best physical activity meters on the market, if Ionic's designs do not like everyone and its performance problems make you dizzy, Fitbit Versa has managed to combine the same features pragmatically (a GPS exception) in the body with a friendlier, lighter, slimmer and more similar design Apple Watch.

At the hardware level, Versa meets almost all aspects, works well, has a very bright and quality screen, the battery is easy to emulate and has many sensors to measure our physical activity in the best way, but like Ionic, it still has some details in the device the smoothness that did not convince me enough.

IOS users may not suffer much, but the notification system is similar to iOS, chronologically ordering all notifications, without differentiating groups or applications and the automatic response system is slow. Applications, although now more than 6 months ago, were still rare and some very important ones were lost, such as Spotify or any Google service.

Fitbit Versa may not be able to compete with Wear OS for notifications and apps, but you certainly won't find a smart watch with the ability to measure physical activity and sports and provide you with a satisfying experience at this price. less on Android.

✅ Measurement of extraordinary physical activity, during the day. Minimalist design and very well built. ✅ Batteries 4 Hari✅ Fitbit application. Measurement Very complete sleep measurements. Water resistant up to 50 meters and can measure swimming

❌ Although it has improved, the software is still bad at the notification level. ❌ Unlike Ionic, the absence of GPS proves that it is a device that thinks more about fans than athletes.


The Fitbit Versa is available at Falabella stores in a The price is CLP $ 189,990 and strings of various colors and fabrics ranging from 26,990 to 64,990 Chilean pesos.

The special editions, which include NFC and fabric straps, are priced at CLP $ 219,990.