Five evidences that you have been blocked on WhatsApp

by Kelvin
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Today virtually all social networks and messaging apps have features to block other users. It is advisable to block unknown users that may be possible cybercriminals or block contacts who share inappropriate content, such as violent posts or that incite hatred. It is also essential to block a user when there is a risk of harassment or cyberbulling, or simply when it is bothering us more than the account.


The safest test to know if a contact has blocked another is to try to add it to a WhatsApp group

There are reasons, therefore, to block a contact. However, sometimes, some users have been blocked without even noticing and for no apparent reason. And the worst part is that they have noticed that they have been blocked perhaps because they have been informed by a third party. However, a user can know for himself if he has been blocked by a contact in WhatsApp, taking into account these four tracks:

-The profile picture does not appear. When a user is blocked on WhatsApp, he can no longer see the profile picture. On the other hand, there are some users who hide their profile picture or directly lack it. However, there is a possibility that the reason a user does not see the profile picture of a contact is because he or she has blocked it. There is also another option: the user has configured their profile picture so that only their saved contacts see it. Those who are not on your list will not be able to access the image.

-It is impossible to add it to a group. This is an infallible proof. In order for a user to know definitively that a contact has blocked him, all he has to do is create a WhatsApp group and try to add the contact in question. If WhatsApp reports that it cannot perform that action, it is likely that the user has been blocked.

-The message is not delivered. Another indication by which a user has been able to block another is because the two ticks never arrive; that is, the message is not delivered. In the case of blue ticks, there is no problem, since this option can be deactivated.

-Impossibility when calling. If a user cannot call one of their contacts, it is another indication of blocking. When a user blocks a contact, he cannot make calls.

-It does not appear online even if it is online. If, for example, a user observes that one of his contacts is speaking for a common group, but, at the same time, no information about his connection appears in the individual chat, it is because the user has been blocked. Not always when the user connection does not appear is a sign of blocking, since the connection can be deactivated and hidden, but the connection information when online at that time does always appear. If you don't see it … they've blocked you.

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