fix for "GIF generation" errors

by Kelvin
fix for "GIF generation" errors

Morphin This is a fun app to put our faces on the GIF, but sometimes displays the message "generate GIF" and remains blocked, preventing our personal image.

Actually, this is one of the applications that we recommend putting your face on GIF, because the results are quite good. Sometimes Morphin remains "hung", which can make us think that the server is saturated, because an image like this appears:


After performing various tests, we believe that the problem is with the selfies we uploadNow if that's not clear enough, Morphin is stuck processing it. Instead of displaying clearer error messages, it says "generate GIF", but can't solve it.

Thus the solution is to upload a valid selfie, which is simple for Morphin artificial intelligence to identify faces and place them in a GIF. Some tips to achieve this are as follows:

fix for "GIF generation" errors 2

  1. Take quality photos, fresh and with good lighting.
  2. Place your face well in the center of the oval shown by the camera.
  3. Look forward
  4. Keep your face focused and symmetrical.
  5. Do not blink or smile asymmetrically.
  6. Avoid wearing sunglasses (especially sunglasses).
  7. Wear a shirt or sweater in a color that contrasts with the leather or beard.

These photos are two real examples, the first is capable of producing GIFs, while the second is blocking Morphin and still displays the message "producing GIFs" indefinitely:

Image - Morphin: solution to the error

If the system cannot process certain photos, the simplest is to take others. Sometimes, even after taking compliant photos, Morphin fails without explaining why.

However, it is possible to record GIFs directly from a cell phone, but the good thing about Morphin is that it allows us to locate our faces in movie scenes, famous people and well-known memes, to integrate them into the 3D version of the scene.

Thus Morphin "GIF generation" errors are generally not caused by server clutter, just the problem with the selfies we uploaded, and it was solved by taking a slightly different photo.

What do you think about Morphin? Does this application give you problems when you have to put it in GIF and share it on social networks?

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